Put an end to acne tumors and eliminate these cysts!

  • Do you know what pimples are? It is actually 粉瘤成因 an epidermal cyst, which is common in adults. You can't seem to get rid of it, but is it really so? Does the powdery tumor continue to grow? Use two natural ingredients at home to prevent three movements, eliminate recurrence, and eliminate cysts without leaving one! What are magical natural ingredients? Come and have a look with the editor?

    Put an end to pulmonary tumors and eliminate cysts!

    ■How to distinguish powdered tumors from the appearance?

    The first acne that develops looks like a small acne, called a miliary. It is like a small white spot around the eyelid. It is usually caused by severe trauma when rubbing the eye and rubbing the epidermis. Caused by going inside the dermis.

    The difference between acne and acne is that acne does not pass through to reduce swelling. Most acne will have a dark color as the opening. From the opening, it can produce a white toothpaste-like secretion that squeezes out sour and odor. It is the horny substance formed in the epidermal layer of the skin.

    Another type of closed type tumors can’t find their own mouth and can’t squeeze something out. Li Shihong believes that it may be mainly because the position of the tumors grows too deeply, or it grows in areas where the adipose tissue of the buttocks is richer. The patient has no way to pass the squeeze on his own. If the company is forced to squeeze, it may cause inflammation.

    The initial powdery tumor has no special color, but it may turn gray after a long time. This is due to oxidation, and the stratum corneum of the skin is in contact with the air and mixed with other dirt, making the opening appear grayish blue. In addition, ultraviolet rays can promote melanocytes to produce melanin and darken the color of keratin.

    ■Pneumoma is a benign cyst, it is not necessary to be removed if it is not serious

    How do you know if it is a cyst or a tumor?

    A man in his 50s once had a big lump in our abdomen. The clinician could think it was an acne, and the patient didn’t care about the development. I didn’t expect that the lump grew bigger and bigger and he went to a big hospital for management. At the time of diagnosis, it was stage 4 gastric cancer.

    Most melanomas are benign and rarely turn into skin cancer. Cancer malignant tumors are much more serious than powdery tumors, and experienced doctors can find them with the touch of a touch. People should not worry too much. "The important thing is that if they get bigger and look wrong, most of them are fine."

    A single or multiple tumor can be used to determine whether it is cancerous metastasis. Usually, the metastatic cancer cells are multiple and rarely manifest in the form of cysts. The probability of being misdiagnosed is actually very low; if it is found to be a malignant tumor, the physician Patients will be recommended for referral or biopsy.

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