Chinese medicine acne treatment

  • In addition to some of the more commonly mentioned TCM remedies(暗瘡中醫

    , acne can also be treated with more powerful heat-clearing techniques. Wet cupping is a technique widely used to remove blood and body heat and treat a variety of problems, including acne. This is done by puncturing the skin with a lancet or 7-star needle and drawing blood from the lesion using a suction cup. This can be done on the face, but is more commonly done on the patient's back. There are special acupoints on the back, called Beishu points, each acupoint corresponds to a related organ, and wet cupping can be selected according to the patient's diagnosis.

    bloodletting in traditional Chinese medicine

     Bleeding from the tip of the ear or tip of the ear is another commonly used technique to remove body heat. Using a lancet to poke the top of the ear, the practitioner squeezes the ear to allow a few drops to flow out. Patients often report immediate cooling effects.


     Acne can be a frustrating part of life and is often treated with harsh cleansing solutions or even harsher medications that can lead to very complex and devastating side effects. With proper nutrition, cosmetics, regular skin cleansing facials and regular acupuncture/TCM sessions, it is absolutely possible to achieve and maintain beautiful, flawless skin.

    The secret to treating all breakouts

    Repeated breakthroughs seem to be a mystery. In the search for answers, Western skins -- equipped with prescription pills -- are increasingly taking a holistic approach. "We're reading the skin for clues about what's going on inside the body," explains Ellen Marmur, MD, founder of Marmur Medical and associate clinical professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City. This new age view is actually quite old: 暗瘡中醫 has used the face as a diagnostic tool for centuries. "It's an observational science, where parts of the face correspond to different internal organs, similar to foot reflexology,"

    Lillian Pearlbridges, author of Reading the Face in Traditional Chinese Medicine " 暗瘡中醫 ", explains that our region-focused guide reveals the internal and external reasons behind the breakthrough.