Water removal strategies for compressed air dryer systems

  • All atmospheres contain water vapor, but once the atmosphere is compressed, the general humidity water is raised to 100%. To avoid the problems caused by water settling in the piping and connected downstream products, compressed airflow dryers need to be loaded. In the atmospheric compressor you can find mainly storage tanks, dryers and filtration systems. The dry compressed air stream guarantees unhindered operation of the atmosphere compressor atmosphere method and creation process. The function of the compressed air dryer system is always to eliminate condensate from the compressed oxygen and to ensure the release of dry and clean compressed air.




    The air stream is compressed to some higher strain compared to the expected operating tension, which means that more water condenses out of the pressure method. The additional water is separated out as the oxygen is cooled inside the compressor aftercooler. The environment will be allowed to expand to the operating pressure and reach a lower pressure dew position. This process is only suitable for tiny air flow costs due to its huge energy consumption.


    The principle of the adsorption dryer procedure is simple - the moist air dries as the desiccant moves.


    Refrigeration desiccant


    The refrigerant drying process requires cooling of the compressed oxygen in order to condense large amounts of water into individuals. After cooling and condensation, the compressed air is reheated to zone temperature to ensure that moisture buildup or condensation cannot form on the outside of the ductwork.



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