Have you tried TCM massage?

  • TCM massage (中醫按摩) can address this medical imbalance and is defined as a treatment of the human body, he sees the human body as a coherent system with energy flow connected to each part, organ or system, here I am.


    The word TCM massage is an inappropriate word. Because there is no Chinese medicine, it is not a real massage. The real meaning is massage, which means "push and pull". More precisely, it is described as a therapeutic Asian way that requires twisting, pulling, pushing and rubbing to relax muscles and people under stress. It's not just for relaxation.

    Meridian massage is part of traditional Chinese medicine, including acupuncture and herbal medicine, and maintains most of the same principles as the body's way of healing.

    Today, TCM massage is widely accepted as an alternative or complementary therapy for various ailments.


    Principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine Massage

    Chinese massage is based on the principles of chi or vital energy. Chinese massage therapists use the elbows, fingers, and hands to rhythmically stimulate acupuncture points, creating vibrations that affect the flow of energy throughout the body. Since the energy points correspond to our organs, a good Chinese massage can have a positive effect on physical health.

    Massage techniques 中醫按摩  such as rubbing, sculpting, kneading, or pressing against the skin are designed to balance and unclog the passages of the body, allowing the flow of chi to flow naturally.


    What is Chi*中醫按摩 ?

    Qi (Chi) refers to the vital energy or energy flow of each living being.

    It is a comprehensive philosophy that permeates many elements of Chinese culture, from martial arts to calligraphy. Even if you don't directly believe in Eastern philosophy, you can understand this principle as a desire to find peace and balance in your daily life.

    Chinese medicine believes that the human body has its own qi meridians, and these qi meridians flow through meridians called meridians. Imbalance and blockage of these meridians, qi deficiency in vital organs, can cause symptoms of many diseases, and you can resolve it.