Urban Village Investor Feedback

    1. Urban Village houses are outstanding

    Everyone at Urban Village has been amazing at renting and managing my apartment and selling my house. In terms of my oversea property(海外置業) rental management, they always keep me informed, let me know if there is any problem, and if it needs repairs, they will sort it out in time. Very efficient. As far as the sale of my house goes, she has been efficient and very helpful in keeping me informed of any developments. If it wasn't for her, I fear it would never be done! What a breath of fresh air is her willingness to go the extra mile and I am so grateful.

    1. Suitable tenants

    UV is always professional and helpful. I have used their service for several years to manage the rent of my apartment and then sell it.

    I have found that they are quick to identify the right tenants and they are attentive and efficient in handling maintenance issues large and small. UV gave good advice and support in the process of selling the property and achieved a good price.

    Would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking to sell or rent their residential property in this part of London.

    1. Purchase experience

    My buying experience at Urban Village was great - quick and helpful communication throughout. If I need to move again, I'll get back in touch! "

    1. Get notified at every stage

    Excellent performance when selling my condo during these particularly challenging times. I feel like I've been informed at every stage of the process. Urban Village didn't hesitate to pick up the phone to answer questions.

    1. Start the next chapter in your life

    The team at Urban Village had what could be the toughest sale ever. They kept their cool and managed to do it skillfully in a 5-layer deep chain. We are very happy with the final result. If you want the best, personable and professional team, UV will help you start the next chapter in your life. Totally recommend!

    6 properties stand out

    I would highly recommend Urban Village. The service we received was very professional, very prompt and well communicated. It is clear that this real estate agent knows how to meet the needs of clients and has a good understanding of the real estate market during the current pandemic. Urban Village stands out in real estate.