what a private investigator might do

  • I found a common belief among private investigators (私家偵探) that all we do is sit in cars, follow people, take pictures of derailed spouses, smoke cigars and wear trench coats.




    This is far from the truth. With a new wave of young private investigators, new technologies, and new ways of connecting society through the Internet, private investigators can gather information in an unconventional way in terms of social cognition and traditional investigative activities.


    I am a trained intelligence analyst. I spent four years studying the art of OSINT at Mercyhurst University. Additionally, I have been and am currently working with hackers to gather intelligence for major domestic and international clients. This experience has given me a different perspective on how to conduct a private investigation. Below I'll share 5 ways I as a private investigator can operate outside of the traditional investigative box.

    Be an "Internet Witness" against cyberbullies

    Just happens to kids, right? Incorrect. Cyberbullying appears to be a global epidemic. In the past, someone would be lucky enough to get a print screen shot of a cyberbullying campaign. no longer. When clients come to me worried about cyberbullying, I have technology that indexes and archives every word, image, post, damaging comment, email, or other malicious content said online. The best part is that all information is indexed using MD5 hash fingerprints; and this is all done silently without the knowledge of the cyberbully.


    Having this type of information when going to school administrators, supervisors, attorneys, or law enforcement is powerful for clients, and definitely goes beyond the norms of what society thinks a private investigator might do.


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