How good is it to study in Australia? 3 Popular Subject Choices

  • car 

    The Australian visa 485 (澳洲visa 485)  study car course provides ample opportunities for international students interested in repairing vehicles. It also allows them to obtain permanent residency in Australia.


    Automotive jobs in high demand in Australia include motorcycle mechanics, automotive electricians, auto mechanics and diesel engine mechanics. You can apply for any of these positions after completing your studies and start your career in the automotive industry.


    Due to the high demand for healthcare professionals in the Australian healthcare industry, the income of having a healthcare industry in Australia is very high.


    However, you should keep in mind that studying a medical degree in Australia can also get expensive. So plan your budget accordingly and keep in mind that this is a one-time investment and upon completion of your studies, you will be eligible for PR.

    You can choose from a variety of specializations in medical fields such as physiotherapy, gynecology, neurosurgery, orthopedics, dermatology, radiology, oncology, medical imaging, general medicine, prosthetics, urology, and more. These are some of the most desirable industries in the medical field.



    Studying dentistry in Australia offers a wealth of exciting career opportunities and a pathway to Australian permanent residency (澳洲移民).


    As an international student, you can study any of the dental degrees offered by Australian universities, including the Bachelor of Oral Health (BOralH), the Bachelor of Dentistry (BDSc), postgraduate studies and advanced research degrees.


    Plus, after completing your degree, you can choose from some of the most popular dental careers in Australia, such as dental technician, dental hygienist, dental therapist and restorative dentist. You can also choose from a variety of other career paths, such as general practice, teaching and more.


    The average salary for dentists is relatively high and impressive compared to other occupations. All in all, being a dentist in Australia is a challenging but rewarding career.