How to choose plush material for custom pullovers

  • The materials of sweaters are becoming more and more diverse nowadays, and we have been pursuing the highest unity of warmth and beauty. Here, we will briefly introduce the materials and related information of some common custom pullover .


    1. wool sweater

    The wool sweater has a very good warmth retention effect, is comfortable and soft to the touch, and has a very good elasticity. Sweaters made of this material are often very thin and can achieve very good thermal performance. It is highly recommended for women who are slightly fat to choose, so they do not appear fat.


    2. Cashmere sweater

    Compared with wool sweaters, cashmere will be softer and more skin-friendly, with strong comfort, and the thermal insulation effect is also very good.


    3. Rabbit wool sweater

    Rabbit sweaters are fluffy, soft, and very comfortable, but most rabbit sweaters have a serious problem. They are very easy to lose hair, which is quite distressing.


    4. Blended sweater

    Blended sweater is the most common sweater material on the market. It is very economical and cost-effective, but it has poor thermal performance. However, it still has many advantages, such as durability, not easy to deform, easy to wash and care, and very diverse styles.




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