How to use disposable electronic cigarettes


    1. When using it, be careful not to inhale too hard, as it will not emit smoke. When inhaling too hard, the e-liquid is sucked into the mouth indirectly, and is not atomized by the atomizer.disposable vape pen.So, if you smoke quietly, you will smoke more.


    2. When smoking, please pay attention to sticking to one breath for a long time, because the smoke in the cartridge can be fully atomized by the atomizer, and more smoke will be generated.


    3. Pay attention to the angle of use, keep the cigarette holder upward and the cigarette rod inclined downward. If the cigarette holder is downward and the cigarette rod is upward when smoking, the smoke liquid will naturally flow down into the mouth due to the effect of gravity.


    4. When the e-liquid is sucked into the mouth, take the cartridge up and disassemble it, wipe the excess overflowing e-liquid on the outside of the cigarette holder and under the atomizer, and use it again.




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