How to buy men's shoes is better? How to match

  • There are many men's shoes brands and styles on the market. Many friends do not know what brand to choose when buying, and how to choose men sneakers. Let's share it below.


    1. Pay attention to breathability.

    Poor breathability is prone to sweat and foot odor. Choose better breathability, and sweat is easy to discharge.


    2. It is easy to wear.

    It is best to choose a specialized shoe -making brand, which will pay more attention to the processing of the details. For example, the matching of metal and leather, the seams and workmanship of shoes, line decoration and functional comfort, etc.


    3. Wear socks that are consistent with the hue of the shoes.

    If your leather shoes belong to the brown tone, then different shades of socks or gray socks are good choices with clothing. The color of the color is as simple as simple or stripes.


    4. Different shoes on different occasions.

    Don't match a pair of shoes for universal matching, prepare a few pairs of basic shoes to easily cope with various occasions.




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