Can disposable electronic cigarettes replace e-liquid?


    Disposable e-cigarettes cannot be replaced with e-liquid, because disposable e-cigarettes are not rechargeable, and disposable e-cigarettes are the size of real cigarettes, the battery cannot be charged, and e-liquid cannot be added.vaping deals,After buying back, you can smoke directly by smoking. Generally, it can take dozens of mouths, and it will run out of electricity. Throwing away disposable cigarettes


    Disposable electronic cigarettes do not need to be charged or replaced, and smokers only need to carry electronic cigarettes to go out without carrying accessories such as heavy chargers.


    Due to the completely closed design of disposable electronic cigarettes, the operation links such as charging and replacing cartridges are reduced, and the occurrence of faults is also reduced. The problems such as circuit failure and liquid leakage that cannot be solved by rechargeable electronic cigarettes are here in disposable electronic cigarettes. been completely resolved.



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