Buying Tips and Guides for Micro Laser Engraving Machines


    1: Know which industry you are in. At present, the classification of engraving machines on the market is mainly divided into two categories: one is for engraving non-metallic, and the other is for engraving metal.Micro laser engraving machine,You should choose a laser engraving machine correctly according to the industry you do and the specific content you engrave in your industry.


    2: Know the size of the product you want to process. Choose the appropriate laser engraving machine according to the actual size of the product you want to engrave, that is, the choice of the size of the laser engraving machine.


    3: The engraving accuracy of the laser machine. Laser machines with high engraving accuracy can naturally be favored by people. When choosing, we must pay attention to the parameter of the engraving accuracy of the laser engraving machine. The higher the engraving accuracy, the better the effect.


    4: Reputation and good after-sale service. The quality of after-sales directly affects production efficiency, so when choosing laser engraving machine products, you must actively understand the market, analyze which manufacturers produce better machines, and your reputation is guaranteed.



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