What are the uses of conductive plastics


    Conductive plastics are mainly used in various electronic technology applications such as electronics,conductive plastic ,integrated circuit packaging and electromagnetic wave shielding.


    At present, it has developed extremely rapidly in the high-tech fields of antistatic additives, computer anti-electromagnetic screens and smart window research. Conductive plastics can also be used in light-emitting diodes, solar cells and mobile phones. Broad application prospects.


    In addition, if we combine conductive plastics and nanotechnology, it will also greatly promote the rapid development and breakthrough of molecular electronics. We all know that the development of science and technology in the future will inevitably be concentrated in mobile electronic devices such as computers and smart phones. Computing speed, reducing the size of the computer. Therefore, the role of conductive plastics in the future is very huge.




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    What are the uses of conductive plastics