What to pay attention to when buying sunglasses

  • Sunglasses are a kind of special accessories for eye care products to prevent damage to human eyes caused by strong sunlight stimulation or to reflect personal style.bulk custom sunglasses People will buy sunglasses according to different needs. However, be sure to pay attention to the following points when shopping for sunglasses:


    1. Pay attention to quality

    First of all, check the quality of the lens to see if the surface of the lens is smooth, with or without warping, wear marks, and air bubbles. The warped lens will cause deviation of vision, unevenness or traces and bubbles, which will cause discomfort such as dizziness.


    2. Check the lens

    You can take the sunglasses 45 cm away from the eyes, observe the surrounding vertical and horizontal lines through the glasses, such as window frames or door frames, etc., and then move the glasses up and down, back and forth. If the straight line is distorted or wobbled, the lens is deformed and should not be purchased.


    3. Whether to shade

    Sunglasses also have an important indicator light transmittance, which is the ratio of the luminous flux through the lens to the incident luminous flux, and is also an important performance indicator stipulated by a mandatory standard.




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