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    Vertical Carousels

    Vertical carousels are comprised of a series of shelves that work on the same concept as a ferris wheel, rotating around a track to deliver stored items in a safe and timely manner to an ergonomically positioned work counter at the command of the operator. These carousels were designed according to the goods-to-person principle. Vertical carousels make use of the available ceiling height to reduce the amount of floor space required by up to 75%. They also have the potential to increase productivity by up to 2/3 when compared to standard shelving.

    Shelves, also known as carriers, can be arranged in a variety of ways to produce a bespoke storage system and make the most of available space. Each carrier has the capability of being outfitted with inserts, rollout drawers, intermediate shelves, partitions, and specialty holders, and it can be configured to hold a variety of different things, including items, totes, containers, cases, and cartons.

    Vertical carousels can function either as standalone work stations or as integral parts of larger work zones when properly integrated. Vertical carousels that stand on their own are driven by a standard controller, which gives the operator the ability to move the carriers around the track and stop them when necessary. The vertical carousel can be integrated with an existing ERP or WMS system through the use of inventory management software, which results in increased productivity, accuracy, and security.

    It is possible to integrate Pick-to-Light Technology in order to achieve an accuracy rate of 99.9%. The position lights that are situated at the work counter provide the operator with assistance in picking by shining a light beacon at the location that the operator should pick from. The TIC light bar, which stands for transaction information center, can be attached to the pick face of the vertical carousel in order to point the operator in the direction of the precise location of the pick. The TIC is also capable of displaying supplementary data, such as the quantity of items that need to be picked, the part number, and the part description.

    Feature Benefit

    Conveniently SizedReduces Occupied Floor Space by up to 75% Delivers Items to Operator Increases Productivity by up to 2/3 Integrates Pick-to-Light Technology Increases Accuracy by up to 99.9% Saves Up to 75% Floor Space

    Bi Parting Locking Doors

    Software Offers Both Password Security and the Capability to Track TransactionsSafeguarding Merchandise in Storage Facilities

    Safety Light Curtain Featuring an Emergency Stop for Operators

    Every Item Placed At The Correct Ergonomic Height One Hundred Percent Ergonomic Access

    A high mean time between failures and an emergency hand crank contribute to superior reliability, and 24/365 access is provided.

    In the past, the carousel storage system was the sole vertical storage product that was made available for purchase on the market.

    In a great number of cases, the vertical carousels were implemented improperly or were not configured properly because they lacked flexibility and were only available in a limited number of configurations.

    Around thirty-five years ago, the vertical lift module became available, which kicked off a process that fundamentally altered vertical storage.

    The vertical lift module (VLM) provides a solution that is very flexible and scalable thanks to the numerous configurations and advanced technology that it offers. This solution makes vertical carousels possible for operations to change or grow with relatively simple implementations. Customers no longer need to be concerned about whether or not the decisions they make today will still be appropriate in the future. VLMs are able to grow with companies as their business strategies develop to take advantage of emerging market trends and technologies. This is made possible by the ease with which they can be configured and scaled.

    The following are some of the benefits that come with using a vertical lift module:

    Having a small footprint helps save valuable square footage while increasing the amount of storage space available.

    incredibly high rates of throughput

    A high level of inventory accuracy, with the goal of preventing missed picks and errors during storage and restocking.

    Enhanced safety while maintaining a clean environment for the storage of your products.

    Modular design for future adaptability

    Pick height optimized for ergonomics across the board

    Capability of educating employees in a time frame that is notably condensed

    Since vertical storage carousels are installed as a single unit and cannot be assembled in sections, one of the most significant challenges associated with using these systems is getting the carousel into the facility.

    The installation of a VC can typically take up to four days to complete.

    Because vertical lift modules are delivered in discrete sections that can be moved around with relative ease, it is possible to put together a VLM in just two days. Because VLMs are constructed using the most cutting-edge technology available, the repair process is typically much quicker when using these machines.