Is It Possible to Install a Commercial Carpet in Your House

  • Commercial carpet. Simply saying it triggers thoughts in my head. Commercial carpet can be durable. After all, it is frequently exposed to heavy foot traffic and is expected to withstand a significant amount of ware and tear. Carpet used in commercial settings is practical. It is often simple to replace smaller sections that have been ruined by spills. Commercial carpet can be economical. Imagine how long it will last in your home if it holds up well in a commercial setting where it is used for years at a time.

    But is it something that you should do?

    When planning the remodel of your home, should you take into consideration using commercial carpet? Is this something that is expected of homeowners?

    In spite of any preconceived notions you may have about commercial carpet, it is possible that certain rooms in your home would benefit from having it installed.

    The distinctions between residential carpeting and carpeting used in commercial settings

    Carpeting can be purchased in the flooring industry in one of two primary grades: residential or commercial. There are many distinctions between them:

    Both in terms of color and texture, residential carpet will have a wider variety of color options than commercial carpet because homeowners tend to let their personalities shine through in their decorating choices for their homes. Commercial applications are typically more subdued and can easily blend in with a design palette that is appealing to a variety of different types of company owners. Darker colors and more patterns are commonly used in office settings because they are less likely to show signs of wear and tear and are better at concealing surface dirt.

    Is It Possible to Install a Commercial Carpet in Your House? In contrast to residential carpet, which only needs to withstand the abuse that a family can dish out, commercial carpet may be subjected to the foot traffic of hundreds or even thousands of people every single day. Depending on a number of factors, the typical lifespan of commercial carpet ranges from 10 to 15 years. The majority of the time, nylon fibers are used because they are durable, simple to clean, and easy to maintain. Additionally, commercial carpet is denser and has a lower pile, both of which help to maintain its integrity so that it can withstand more activity. Padding is added to commercial carpets in order to extend their useful lives.

    Because commercial carpet is designed to last longer, comfort isn't as high of a priority as it once was. In residential design, you will never find carpet that is dense and plush like the kind you'll find in commercial spaces. Carpet designed for commercial use is not intended for use as a playground surface. It places a much greater emphasis on comfort than it does on sustainability. On the other hand, there are a great number of commercial applications that are developed to give the impression of being in close quarters. These might prove to be wonderful additions for particular rooms in your house.

    Carpet in residential settings only needs to be vacuumed on a regular basis in order to maintain its clean appearance. Carpet in commercial spaces typically goes through professional cleaning on a regular basis. In order to preserve its appearance, it is subjected to additional steam cleaning and cleaning, as well as additional vacuuming (sometimes daily). Because it is manufactured to conceal stains and soil, commercial carpet is an excellent furnishing option for media rooms and other areas of the home prone to accidental spills.

    The advantages and disadvantages of installing commercial carpeting in your home


    If you've made it this far in the article and are still considering installing commercial carpet in one or more rooms of your house, the following list of advantages and disadvantages should help you decide whether or not it's the best option for you.


    Pros include:

    - Durability is the primary factor that drives the majority of residential customers to purchase commercial-grade carpet

    - They have a space in their homes where they desire increased durability, and we should accommodate this

    - You can rest assured that you will have flooring that can withstand heavy foot traffic and will be able to withstand anything that your family throws at it if you invest in commercial carpet

    Advantageous from a financial perspective, commercial-grade carpet enables you to get more use out of your flooring. You can expect your commercial carpet to last anywhere from 10 to 15 years, or even longer in residential settings, and access floor tiles will continue to provide you with timeless good looks throughout its lifespan.

    Maintenance – Because commercial carpet is low-pile, it maintains its new appearance for a longer period of time without showing signs of wear such as crushed fibers wearing thin or wear marks. They are resistant to stains, which makes removing spills and dirt much simpler.

    Installation: if you choose large format carpet, you may still want to consider hiring a professional installer; however, tiles and planks come with their own adhesive and are simple to put in place. DIY projects have never been simpler than they are today. In addition to this, it makes it very easy to make repairs; all that is required is to remove the old layer and adhere the new one in its place.

    Some drawbacks are as follows:

    Reduced comfort due to the fact that commercial carpet is made to withstand heavy foot traffic. It is not designed with comfort in mind but rather with the ability to be worn in mind. If you plan to lay on the floor frequently to play with the kids or if you anticipate running your toes through the fibers of the carpet, you should not purchase commercial carpet.

    Regarding your sense of style, if you have particular colors or patterns in mind, you may find that the lack of options prevents you from achieving your goals. The flexibility in style that is offered by residential carpet is not available in commercial carpet because it was designed with the needs of businesses in mind.

    Do you feel like installing commercial carpet in your home is the best option for you?

    Because you now have access to a wide variety of choices, the most difficult decision you will likely face is the one that requires you to pick just one.

    When you need something more comfortable than tile or hardwood in high-traffic areas, commercial carpet might be the best option for you to consider. It's possible that a home's media room, home theater, wine cellar, or even the living space in the basement would be ideal for installing commercial carpet.

    Visit us and look at all of our carpet options when you are ready to make a decision after weighing your options and finding the one that best meets your requirements.