Here are five considerations to keep in mind when evaluating CM

  • You have a responsibility to ensure that your quality control program is flexible enough to accommodate the myriad of modifications that may be made to your production procedures in the future. The utilization of coordinate measuring machines, also referred to as CMMs, is one of the most efficient methods for measuring and recording dimensional data. CMMs are also known as CMMs. Because they are integrated into the manufacturing process, shop-floor coordinate measuring machines, also known as CMMs, are able to deliver dimensional data in a manner that is even more efficient.


    But how exactly should one go about selecting the ideal shop-floor CMM for their production line? It is necessary to have an understanding of the application's CMM Inspection Companies (go here) in order to be able to make a decision that is informed. It is also necessary to have an understanding of what solutions can meet those cmm inspection services and how to future-proof your selection. When you are looking for the shop-floor CMM that will work best for your business, make sure to pay attention to these five important aspects.

    The CMM Contributes to an Increase in the Productivity and Efficiency of Measuring Along the Production Line.
    As a result of incorporating a specialized shop floor measuring machine made by WENZEL into the production process, PLANIMOLDE has been able to significantly increase the amount of measuring that it is able to complete in a given period of time. This Portuguese manufacturer of high-quality injection molds relies on a variety of tools, and one of those tools is a coordinate measuring CMM Inspection Companies made by Wenzel called the SF 87. This machine has been fully automated so that it can be incorporated into a production cell.

    Every single day, the company is capable of producing as many as seventy different models of high-quality components from scratch. The automotive and plastics industries, as well as medical technology, as well as the production of electronic components, household goods, and toys all utilize these components in their respective processes. Telmo Ferraz, the Managing Director of the company, explains that it is essential for us to make consistent improvements to the quality level of both our product line and our services in order to meet the cmm inspection services of our customers.

    An Unbelievably High Rate of Measuring Throughput While Maintaining Full Availability.
    The company MICROSENSE Industrial Metrology, which is WENZEL's partner in charge of sales and service in the Portuguese market, is the one that brought WENZEL to the attention of the Portuguese business community. In addition to the many years of trustworthy collaboration between PLANIMOLDE and MICROSENSE, the SF 87 coordinate measuring machine quickly scored points due to its well-thought-out design, which allowed it to score points quickly. Even though the temperature conditions outside of the measuring room are different, there should not be any difficulty in achieving the required accuracy of 10 micrometers.

    The following is a condensed version of what Telmo Ferraz had to say about the philosophy of the company:The creation of high-quality injection molds and the production of high-quality plastic parts, naturally in close collaboration with our clients, is one of the central tenets of our business philosophy. It goes without saying that we strictly adhere to the requirements of our customers with regard to the technical specifications, and with our newly developed measuring solution, this can be documented without any hiccups whatsoever.

    The strategic involvement of ISICOM – Robotea, which was responsible for integrating the automation of the entire cell with its SolidSET CELL solution, was also essential to the success of the project. This was one of the main reasons why the project was so successful. This was one of the factors that contributed to the overall success of the project. Because of this, it was possible to use a single system to manage the workpiece operations for all of the CNC machines, milling machines, coordinate measuring machines, EDM machines, robot arms, cleaning devices, and active I/O machines. This was made possible by the fact that each of these machines had a unique identifier. As a result of SolidSET's management of all fixtures, the manager is released from responsibility for the intricacies of the process, and the company is able to begin the process of preparing machine orders earlier.

    Here are nine things to keep in mind before making a purchase of CMM inspection software.
    CMMs are vital measurement systems for many quality departments. One of the many active components of these systems is the software that is used to control and record the measurement of parts. If you want to get the most comprehensive performance out of your machine, you need to have access to this software. It is of the utmost importance that you look carefully for the software package that will offer the most suitable answer to meet your requirements.

    A CMM software program should at the very least provide functionality for basic tasks such as measurement routines, probe calibration, basic plane-line-point alignments, and data reporting, among other features. This is the bare minimum functionality that a CMM software program should provide. This level of functionality ought to be regarded as the bare minimum. Your search for new software should also take into account a number of other primary factors, particularly those that are relevant to the company's particular applications and to achieving the greatest possible value for the system both now and in the foreseeable future. Among these primary factors are those that are relevant to the company's particular applications. If you keep these things in mind while comparing different software packages, you will have a better understanding of what it means when it comes to adding value to your research endeavors. On your checklist for the evaluation, you should make sure to include these nine important considerations:

    LK Metrology will present brand new CMM and metrology solutions at this year's IMTS trade show.
    The International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) is scheduled to take place at McCormick Place in Chicago during the month of September 2022. There will be a variety of brand-new products on display from LK Metrology, a global designer and manufacturer of Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs), metrology software, and associated CMM accessory products.

    LK Metrology will showcase and demonstrate a total of four distinct solutions at IMTS 2022. Among these are the LK Altera M Scantek 5, which is outfitted with a Renishaw Revo-2 5-axis scanning system; the LK Multi-Sensor Alterac, which is outfitted with LK's new blue line laser scanner and a new surface roughness probe; the new Alto 6x5 Bench Top CMM; and finally, a new Coord 3 Universal CMM that is outfitted with a new surface roughness probe. In addition, there will be CMMs on display that are fitted with both PH20 and PH10 probes to measure the dimensions of the parts.

    In addition to presenting the most recent version of its widely used Camio programming and measuring software, the company will also launch an upgraded version of its Touch DMIS software as well as an advanced version of the software. These two events will take place simultaneously. This event will also feature the display and demonstration of the brand new Industry 4 Metrology Gate, which is LK's portal for remote inspection monitoring. In addition, there will be a demonstration of other CMM software, such as Renishaw Modus, Polyworks, and CMM Manager, all of which are commonly used in conjunction with LK Metrology CMMs. This demonstration is scheduled to take place on October 24. Some of the related accessory products that will be on display at the event include the newly developed SLK20 blue light line laser scanner, the newly developed surface roughness probe, and the newly developed Freedom V2 measuring arm with a rotary indexing table. All of these products are brand new.