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    Mecca Appearance was successful in establishing a total of five logistics centers in Castilla after many years of working closely together to achieve this goal. Their work philosophy is summed up by cutting-edge technologies and outstanding words, and they have become the best allies of large groups such as porcelain OSA mekka looks. They have successfully finished the first step in this enormous undertaking. During the same year (2003), they opened up the OSA logistics center for porcelain products.


    Six years later, in addition to establishing the Sorento Center, they also established the Lanta Colony and the Nokia Center. In the end, in 2011, they decided to launch VeniseVenise, which is an innovative flooring company that provides customers with a wide selection of flooring types as well as finishes. This is Mechana's fifth and final logistics center that they have built for the Porcelain Osa Group. The facility that they have built now is called "the facility."The facility is outfitted with the most recent technological advancements available for each individual component of the circuit, making it one of the most cutting-edge facilities in the world. The cycle starts off with the pallet as its starting point. The production center, which is connected to the silo by means of an underground tunnel that is longer than one kilometer, is the source of the vast majority of the finished goods. After the monitoring of the route by the Ellipsis Warehouse Management Software has been completed, the item is then moved to the double elevator.


    The Vini silo has a storage capacity of 65,000 pallets, and it spans an area of 7000 square meters and rises to a height of 31 meters. In addition, the auxiliary entrance is used to transport empty trays like these and others throughout the center, where they are subjected to stringent quality control. The structure of the silo is made up of ten channels, and inside of each of those channels, ten double main stackers move around. The command given by the mechanically simple warehouse management software causes the pallet to be raised to a strategic position in accordance with the given instructions. You'll find the goat that spins quickly right next to the entrance of the tunnel. When working at full capacity, the double main stacker has the potential to achieve speeds of up to 180 meters per minute. It is capable of simultaneously carrying out 237 combined cycle stackers at maximum capacity.

    The stacker is equipped with a mechanism that allows vertical lift modules to recoup fifty percent of the typical amount of energy for use in its own operations. This project for a logistics center that was developed by mechana, particularly in response to the requirements that vin xius outlined, also includes space for the potential expansion of the delivery of construction goods in the future. In addition to that, it requires mechana looks that are able to provide specific solutions for more complex picking areas as well as for all pallets. The picking area is equipped with a total of eight distinct workstations, each of which has the capacity to simultaneously prepare a sum of 31 orders. The operator has the capability, afforded to them by the pneumatic arm, of easily transporting goods and making the movement of loads easier. The hydraulic system that allows for the table's height to be adjusted will speed up the entire process of installing the table, which will bring greater economic benefits to the workers.

    It seems that there are not many moving parts in this apparatus. The software that is used to manage warehouses typically has the capability of controlling both the preparation of tasks and the scheduling of those tasks. This allows orders to be fulfilled at each picking station only once, the double shuttle to move along the picking channel while maintaining a safe distance, and the load to be evenly distributed on the output table. In addition, this makes it possible for orders to be fulfilled in the correct order. The Venetian Logistics Mecca incorporates all of the pertinent information into its operations. It would appear that a tunnel has been built in Venice in order to connect the area designated for picking up items with the area designated for distribution of those items. It was decided to do this in order to circumvent the need to go through the circulation area. There are two different areas within the distribution area that are designated specifically for football pallets. People will be able to take entire pallets from the other two areas that have been set aside for them to pick from. They are organized in the form of a grid across the six lines that run along the silo on both of its sides.

    The various porcelain lotto products are moved using this method, which involves bundling up the personnel from the picking area and transporting them in this manner.