Progress from Self-taught Japanese to Japanese Courses

  • In the beginning, it was very difficult to learn Japanese by myself. I only knew a little about reading and listening to the material, thinking that I would never know Japanese. Until we found a Japanese class in Hong Kong (香港日文班), we followed the curriculum set by the teacher when we learned Japanese at the Wednesday Education Japanese School. This course is designed to teach grammar, vocabulary and how to write Japanese. Learning Japanese in the classroom has many benefits. It's exciting to see yourself progressing through each level, and each new skill feels like an unlocked achievement.


    There are also benefits to having a group of people practice the same lesson together. This means you can share notes about the same material and learn what the test is about. You also get a more or less complete package: spoken, written and literary Japanese all bundled in a neat bow.


    What an amazing ability I have discovered!

    Motivations vary, but when it comes to learning, there is always some variation of the above: find the reward for your efforts.

    This will also increase your overall confidence in yourself since you are teaching yourself and applying yourself. You're actually learning to be someone who can set goals for what they want to learn and stick to it.

    It's very beneficial to you as a person.


    This should be enough to get you started. In this blog post, I've linked to other articles that go into more detail about some of what I've written.


    Finally, I want to wish you good luck. If you've read all of this, it probably means you're engaged and motivated to do well. Now, you just have to look forward to being one step ahead of the rest of your class!


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