What new elements can a birthday arrangement have?

  • A very elegant and beautiful birthday arrangement (生日佈置)idea is DIY Pom Poms. Not only are they easy to make, but they also make amazing birthday decoration accessories.

    Birthday Arrangement - Napkin Pompon

    To make pom-poms, all you need is a napkin. You can make these pom-poms in minutes by following an online DIY video, and they can be handcrafted or glued to the wall.

    wall birthday decoration for family reunion

    In birthday decor at home, be sure to have a statement wall designed to entice guests to click on photos or take selfies.

    You can decorate your birthday party statement wall with paper flowers, foil curtains, photo backdrops, fairy lights, balloons, and more.

    Birthday Decorations - Lighting

    Lights can set the mood and the way. From fancy lantern lights to mood lights to millet lights to fairy lights to disco lights, there are a few combinations you can use to brighten up your birthday party decor.

    You can hang lanterns in corners, string lights around curtains or plants, hang lights from the ceiling, add disco or mood lights, or simply place them vertically or horizontally on the wall.

    Birthday Decorations - Ribbons:

    Like balloons, streamers play an important role in birthday party decorations at home. Birthday party streamers not only make a huge impact, they also add life to the decor.

    When it comes to birthday party decorations, many people love glitter and paper streamers. These streamers are available in a variety of colors to complement your decor theme.


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