What are the requirements for a good connector product


    Although many connector manufacturers have established their own brands,wire cable connectors the following knowledge needs to be paid attention to whether the quality of the products produced can meet our requirements.


    1. Connector material selection: The quality is based on export standards, and imported high-quality raw materials are imported: high hardness, less impurities, not easy to deform, smoother current signal transmission, and lower signal loss rate.


    2. Connector stamping: high-speed stamping is integrally formed to ensure the quality of the connector product: the terminal is integrally punched and formed to ensure the product quality, and screen out the twisted, brittle and deformed products.


    3. Connector electroplating: Layer electroplating process: The surface of the connector product is electroplated to ensure that the product passes the salt spray test.


    4. Connector test: in accordance with international standards, strict quality inspection test: strict inspection procedures far higher than international standards, quality inspectors inspect each one one by one, and pass the salt spray test box and high temperature test without letting go of any flaws.





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