How endoscopes are used in the automotive industry

  • 1. Understand the internal structure characteristics of the inspection vehicle, the specific content and location of the inspection,endoscopy instruments   and expand the relevant link instruments according to the procedures to check the power supply;


    2. Select the appropriate endoscope probe to enter the interior components of the car to be tested. Before testing, be clear of obstacles, burrs and other objects in the channel that may obstruct or detect the probe;


    3. During the detection process, ensure that the probe reaches the designated position smoothly. If the probe encounters obvious resistance during the advancing process, it should stop moving immediately. When the probe exits, it should be slow. If it is stuck, it cannot be pulled hard to avoid damage to the workpiece or the probe;


    4. The collected images can be photographed and recorded during the detection process, which is convenient for later processing and analysis; after the detection is completed, the probe should be cleaned and the instrument site should be arranged according to the regulations.




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