How to wear various types of bluetooth headphones


    Today, Bluetooth headsets are more and more widely used,Wireless Bluetooth Earphones , but how to use different Bluetooth headsets correctly still requires a lot of communication


    How to wear bluetooth headset

    First, make sure that the Bluetooth headset has enough power and is not connected to other output devices;


    1. In-ear bluetooth earphones: Plug them into the ears in a comfortable way, just like the rubber-type wired earphones we usually use.


    2. Ear-hook Bluetooth headset: Rotate the ear to wear the ring, choose the appropriate left or right ear, or both of the left and right ears can be adjusted for use, then fit the ear and hang it on the contour of the ear, as shown in the figure:


    3. Sports Bluetooth headset: This headset is moderate in weight and can easily get stuck on the cochlea.


    4. Headset-type Bluetooth headset: Many people have seen headset-type headsets, and there are also Bluetooth headsets. This way of wearing is directly across the ears.





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