Why are PE plastic bags so popular?

  • The probability of plastic bags appearing in life is still very large. However, there are so many types of plastic bags that we may not know how to choose.biodegradable polybags,But with the increasing probability of using plastic bags, PE plastic bags have also become a common one in life.


    PE plastic bags have a certain elasticity and can bring a certain degree of heat resistance during use, so many people like them. But in daily life, you will find that some commonly used quantities are not a single substance, but many different substances.


    Although there are many types of plastic bags, PE plastic bags are widely recognized as the most popular. This is mainly because they are cheaper, more convenient to use, and can effectively facilitate life. According to different materials, of course, also divided into various fields. In short, it has a wide range of effects, and it is no wonder that most people use it.


    In addition, PE plastic wrap can also be called PE plastic bag. Note that the plastic wrap that is in direct contact with food must be made of PE material (the other is generally PVC), which is safer for the human body.





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