Ice bucket, are you using it right?


    Midsummer is over, but it still can't resist the scorching sun in the sky. When the party is feasting, it is still necessary to take an ice bath for the wine to cool down.metal ice bucket,An ice bucket is a popular way to chill wine, but are you using it right?


    So how do you chill wine quickly and efficiently? The solution to this problem is very simple but not rude, and that is to add water to the ice bucket.


    If you want to further speed up the chilling of wine, especially when chilling champagne, you can also add salt to the ice water, stir to dissolve the salt, and then pour the brine over the ice water, so that the cooling effect will be more obvious.


    Also pay attention to timing when chilling wine. The cooling time depends on the style of various wines. For example, red wines are full-bodied. If the drinking temperature is too low, they will taste thin and dry. Therefore, if red wines need to be cooled, they generally only need to be cooled for 3-5 minutes. , 6-10 minutes for lighter-bodied white wines and 10-15 minutes for sparkling and dessert wines.




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