Advantages of Raised Access Flooring and Possible Applications

  • The requirement for raised access flooring can be traced all the way back to the beginning of the 1960s, when computers were significantly larger and consumed a great deal more power than they do now. The industry started talking about environmental concerns that came with the necessity of effectively and safely cooling these machines after these computers and other new forms of technology got people talking about them.

    The solution was a flooring system that not only allowed for load-bearing but also allowed for circulation and the organization of wires. This raised access flooring system has only progressed over the years, and even though computers are much smaller today, they still come with the same concerns as the first machines in the 1960s.

    There are typically two varieties of raised access flooring, which are as follows:
    Access floors with the full height:These floors can be as little as 6 inches or as much as 6 feet in height, but most commonly measure about 12 inches. They allow for the greatest amount of space between the floorings and are wonderful options for brand new construction. Because of the size of the plenum, all of the cables can be routed through the floor without obstructing the flow of air or making it difficult to reach the essential components.

    Raised floors with a low profile: raised floor panels with a low profile have a height of six inches or less and are ideal for buildings that are undergoing renovation. The advantages of low-profile accessed flooring include the fact that it is simpler to get to wires and cables that have been routed while still conforming to any floor-to-ceiling height restrictions.

    The raised flooring is held in place by a series of supports, and the floor finish that is used in its place may feature various material types. Some examples of these types of materials include ceramic, stone, wood, carpet tile, and luxury vinyl flooring, which is more prevalent in today's design trends.

    The Value of Using Luxury Vinyl and the Advantages of Access Flooring
    As was just mentioned, raised access flooring offers a number of advantages; however, selecting the appropriate finish for the flooring is equally as significant as the structure itself. The utilization of luxury vinyl flooring provides the overall access flooring system with a number of benefits, such as the following:

    Limitless Designs: Luxury vinyl flooring offers natural-looking finishes with the durability and flexibility of luxury vinyl. These natural-looking finishes range from visuals that resemble wood and stone to patterns that resemble concrete, textiles, and abstract designs.

    Weight and Thickness: When compared to other materials and finishes, one of the primary advantages of using luxury vinyl is its overall weight. Luxury vinyl flooring is typically much lighter in weight than other types of hard surface finishes, such as ceramic tile, stone, and concrete.

    5mm Loose Lay Options Available:Luxury vinylThe non-slip backing of the 5mm loose lay formats makes application simple and requires only a small amount of adhesive. Similar to modular carpet tiles, releasable adhesives are also available for application to access flooring systems. However, unlike modular carpet tiles, these adhesives have the advantages of luxury vinyl, such as being easy to clean and maintain. In addition, the use of a 5mm loose lay luxury vinyl product helps to conceal the telegraphing of access panel frames because the overall thickness is increased.

    Acoustic Benefits: Distractions in the workplace lead to poor performance, which in turn leads to low productivity and decreased motivation. Our 5mm luxury commercial flooring has an IIC rating of 57 and an STC rating of 62, making concrete floor tiles ideal for reducing sound transmission and contributing to the creation of an environment that is less noisy.

    Raised access flooring, particularly flooring made of luxury vinyl, is exceptionally simple to clean and disinfect, which is an absolute necessity in healthcare facilities. This feature also makes raised access flooring very simple to maintain. Because of its structure, which is non-porous, it is possible to incorporate the look and aesthetic of materials such as wood or textiles without having to worry about the maintenance that is required.

    Naturally Antistatic: Because access flooring systems are frequently utilized in data or electrical rooms, one must take into consideration the issue of static electricity when choosing a finish for the flooring. The luxury vinyl flooring is antistatic by nature.

    Our Solutions
    When it comes to raised access flooring, the website Accessfloorstore. com provides customers with a selection of luxury vinyl design finishes of the highest possible quality. Designs from our Wavelength and Color Infused collections of 5mm modular acoustic flooring are currently the most well-liked choices for the raised access floor flooring options available today.

    Wavelength: The Wavelength collection features 25 different variations of 5mm loose lay vinyl plank and tiles, which can be used as a solution for acoustic challenges that are present in commercial interiors. Wavelength modular options offer sound absorption benefits, a non-slip loose lay backing, and the durability and performance of fiberglass-reinforced vinyl. The contemporary wood looks, linear abstract designs, and linen-like textural designs span the spectrum of Wavelength's design possibilities.

    Color Infused: The Color Infused collection features eye-catching patterns and colorways that are designed to complement the one-of-a-kind aesthetic of your commercial space. Your project will benefit from the addition of a splash of color provided by the luxury vinyl plank and tile, which coordinate well with one another. Because of our strong modular construction, you won't need additional underlayment to achieve the desired level of noise reduction.