Methods to Increase YouTube Views and Keep Your Audience

  • Every video uploader wants to increase YouTube views. Increased views mean more people, more visibility and more ways to monetize. While views are still important, YouTube is starting to give much more importance to audience retention. Minutes watched are as important as views, and may even be more important in the future. No matter what you think is more important, retention or views, the bottom line here is that we want our content to be watched for as long as possible. We increase YouTube views by producing great video content, link building and optimization. Each point requires strategy, planning, and goal setting. We'll be looking at 8 ways to increase YouTube views right now. koop youtube views

    The most important part of a video's first 15 second is the first. This is the time when the majority of viewers stop watching videos. In order to increase YouTube views or decrease abandonment, it is important to pay close attention to the first second of each video in pre-production planning. You can make your videos "pop" whether you're making tutorials, sketches, or video blogs. How can you engage? You can engage in a lot of different ways. It's easy to find catchy music that is energetic and lively, similar to television newscasts. It should state what the viewer will see, feel, or learn. This is the same as the beginning of a video. If the video doesn't provide a benefit it's unlikely that viewers will remember.

    YouTube Analytics offers a wealth information on your channel. YouTube Analytics can be difficult to interpret if your channel is new. Let's pretend that you do have data. The Engagement Reports section of YouTube Analytics offers you a peek into the psyche of your audience. Every section, including subscribers, likes & dislikes as well as favorites, comments, favorite, and sharing, gives you a top ten list. Engagement reports are a great way to increase YouTube views. Simply produce more of what is in your top 10. These top ten lists tell you what is most popular with your audience. The effort required to share and favorite a video is more time-consuming than just clicking a like. However, I believe it is a more accurate indicator of your audiences tastes and preferences. So produce more of those top 10's, give them more of what they like and increase YouTube views.

    It is one of the easiest and most overlooked ways to increase YouTube views. Don't let your viewers leave your channel. This can be achieved by planning out your content production and using an annotation strategy. You can place annotations within one video to provide you with an easy and visual cue to "click HERE to view the previous", or "click HERE to see the making of", or "click...," as you will see. hoe krijg je veel views op youtube