Where Can I Find a Nursing Home Lawyer in St. Joseph Mo?

  • Where Can I Find a Nursing Home Lawyer in St. Joseph Mo?



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    Nursing Home Lawyer in St. Joseph Mo
    Where Can I Find a Nursing Home Lawyer in St. Joseph Mo?


    We are here to help you, your family, make informed decisions and plan on Elder Law topics such as Medicaid planning, estate and asset protection. Everybody has their own path to "golden years". Unfortunately, this path has become more complex over the years. Our firm prides itself in providing customized solutions for our clients. If you have any questions regarding your farm, home, real estate deeds or power of attorney, trusts and wills, probate vs. unprobate transfer, long-term care, or trusts vs. Wills, please contact our firm today.

    Elder Law

    Elder Law is a specialty that helps seniors and provides guidance. As we age, many issues arise that are not common in our younger years. These include housing, long-term care, wealth transfers and retirement. Elder Law covers all of these issues and more.

    Many elderly citizens fear they might lose their home, savings and everything that they have worked so hard to earn. They don’t want the burden of being a burden on their families or society.

    Brent has provided expert and thoughtful advice to thousands of families across Saint Joseph and Northwest Missouri, providing them with peace of heart. His experience includes over 30 years working with seniors to create estate plans, estate transfers, powers of attorney, trusts, and other legal requirements.

    Brent will help you to create an Elder Law plan. Call Brent today.

    Nursing Home Medicaid Planning It's never too late to begin planning for Medicaid and long term care. Many people are unaware of the benefits of Medicaid and have not planned for it. Many families don’t know who is eligible, or how they can benefit from nursing home Medicaid planning. It is crucial to hire a nursing home attorney who has experience and is committed to helping families.

    With his expertise in nursing home Medicaid planning, Brent has helped families across the community save thousands of dollars. Brent is a licensed nursing home lawyer and would like to share some key points about Medicaid. Most of what you hear from others about nursing home Medicaid are well-meaning, but they are almost always wrong.

    It is almost never too much too soon to plan.

    You can still get Medicaid assistance for your loved one even if they move to a nursing home.

    Nursing Home AttorneyIt's crucial to know the legal protections and strategies available for the spouse and their family members of a resident in a nursing home. People fear losing their home or life savings if their spouse/loved one moves into a nursing facility. This is almost impossible to prevent in most cases.

    Numerous financial safety nets are available for both couples and seniors without jeopardizing Nursing Home Medicaid eligibility.

    Division of Assets

    The 1988 "Spousal Impoverishment act" was passed by Congress. It was intended to prevent married people from having to give up all their assets in order to qualify for Medicaid nursing home Medicaid. The spouse who stays in the home (the "Community Spouse") is allowed to keep some of their resources while the spouse who requires Medicaid (the"Institutionalized Spouse") may receive benefits.

    The law also established limits on the assets the Community Spouse can retain, if the Institutionalized Spouse will be eligible for benefits. These limits are often referred to as Community Spouse Resource Allowances (CSRA). The Missouri Community Spouse can retain $25,728 to $128,640.00 for 2020. This amount is adjusted every year to reflect inflation and costs of living. Missouri Medicaid requires that a Division of Assets Application be completed in order to determine what amount the Community Spouse will be permitted to keep.

    The Division of Assets begins on the day that the Medicaid applicant is admitted to a hospital or nursing home for at most 30 consecutive days. The spouses' countable assets (which does not include a small amount of assets that may be exempt) is divided into two. Each spouse gets their share. The Division of Assets does not consider the assets of any one of the spouses. Instead, all assets of the couple are combined. This means that assets will be reduced for the spouse with more assets. To ensure everyone's protection, it is essential to work with an Elder Law lawyer during this process. According to the Wall Street Journal, 86% of widows are below the poverty line due to the cost of caring for their spouses.

    Consider John and Mary, a married couple, with $300,000 of financial assets. John suffers from dementia and requires nursing home services. The Medicaid caseworker will assign the $300,000. in financial assets to Mary and attribute $128.640 to Mary as her CSRA. John is credited $171,360. John must be under $5,000 in order to qualify for Medicaid. The family will be asked to spend $166,360 on assets that John has been attributed. John and Mary will be required to spend 55% of the savings they have made in order to qualify for Medicaid. It is easy to see why 86% of spouses who survive are living below poverty line due to their spouse's medical costs.

    John and Mary will not have to spend down any of their life savings if they plan properly and promptly with the help of G. Brent Powers, a qualified Medicaid Asset Protection lawyer. Avoid costly, unplanned spenddowns by using the right legal strategies and documents.

    What if you didn't plan ahead? Are all your hopes lost? Is it all over? Mary would be able to keep almost all of her financial assets even if John is now in a nursing care facility by using what is called a "Marital Medicaid Compatible Annuity". G Brent Powers has all the experience and expertise necessary to ensure Mary is not left behind.

    Brent is always available to meet with clients before they apply or appear in court.

    Real Estate / Deeds

    As they get older, many people start to think about how to transfer their home, farmland and other properties to their loved one or others. Others may require help selling real estate, even without the assistance of an agent or broker.

    Nursing Home Attorney Brent PowersEvery family's situation must be assessed to determine the best course of action. Do you think there are benefits to gifting your property to your kids now? What happens when you or your spouse need long-term, or nursing home care. Is a living estate the best option? How do you tax the transfer of your property? Are you allowed to finance the purchase of your property by an owner?

    Brent has assisted many families to make the right decisions in transferring their homes, farms, or businesses over the years.

    Estate Planning

    Proper estate plan means maintaining control over your assets, continuing to provide for you and your loved ones even when you're incapacitated, and distributing your property to the beneficiaries you desire at the lowest possible cost.

    Planning must take into account your unique needs, wishes and assets. Only then can we decide what documents and strategies to use to ensure your planning works as you expect.

    Brent can also help you to create a proper estate plan.

    Administration of trusts

    Brent is available to assist you in determining the best way of handling your affairs.

    Brent Powers is a Saint Joseph, Missouri-based lawyer who has been practicing since 1980.

    Although he started his career as a trial lawyer, he was forced to change to Elder Law and Medicaid nursing home planning.

    He was the president of Saint Joseph Bar Association and volunteered for a number of community boards. He also participated in many events sponsored by Saint Joseph Bar Association to provide sound legal advice to people in need.

    Brent is from Northwest Missouri, and he grew up near Saint Joseph.

    He is a Central High School grad, who received his undergraduate degree and his law degree from the University of Missouri, Kansas City.

    He is a National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys member and the National Order of Social Security Claimsants' Representatives.

    These national organizations offer training, education, and a national network to support senior citizens and persons with special needs.