A brochure or catalog is a great investment

  • Today's businesses face increasing difficulties in managing their advertising budgets because of low sales and lower customer response. Businesses often stop advertising when there is a downturn in the economy and cash flow is tightening. This is the right time to produce a brochure or catalogue. Product catalogues are a great way to create or reinforce a brand image of products on the market. Customers are known to compare multiple supplier catalogues before buying products or services.

    To create customer product catalogues, you can use a single A4 piece folded in half to make a four-page brochure. Depending on the type of paper used, a 64 page tomb can be made in full colour and saddle-stitched at its spine. The average sheet-fed litho-printed project is supplied within seven days from sign-off of the printer's proofs, but this can vary subject to the complexity of the project. Catalogue MG

    Online shopping carts as well as catalogues provide the possibility to search by keywords, price, or other criteria. This is an advantage over a printed catalogue in that prices, information, and images can be updated within a few mouse clicks. However, this facility has led to the commoditization or products. Price is the lowest common element for your customers in making a purchasing decision. They assume that all variables will be the same regardless of where they make their purchase.

    A good marketing strategy will use a mix of Emedia and print approaches to prospects and customers. Each client that I have dealt in the mail order marketplace and with any other company that mails their new brochure to existing and new customers over the past ten years has had either an increase or decrease in business. An increase in business. Or b. Increased business activities either in the form or quote requests, sales visit requests or requests for more information. It is essential that your business has an electronic presence in the connected world of 2010. This will allow you to receive passive inquiries from the outside. But relying on only that to generate leads and sales, or sell products, will not help you find new business. Print is a tangible reminder of who and what your organisation really is that people can see on their desks. Catalogue Aziza