How harmful are potholes or speed bumps to your tyres?

  • Although drivers might find potholes or speed bumps annoying, many fail to see the potential damage to their cars from a bump. Tyres in particular are at high risk of severe damage.

    Speed bumps are irritating to any driver. Not only do they force drivers to suffer a bumpy ride but they also exacerbate some of the problems they are meant to solve. Speed humps of certain shapes can actually be easier to pass over and are therefore more efficient at speed. Speed humps can cause noise pollution and increase noise because cars that slow down to cross a hump will then accelerate again. Ironically, though designed to be speed retarders to prevent accidents, distracting drivers by making them negotiate high humps has in some cases proven to be more dangerous. On top of all of this, speed humps can badly damage your car meaning that people who live in areas plagued with humps have to spend more money on vehicle maintenance. asphalt pothole repair

    Road repair can be costly, which is why many roads in the UK still have dangerous potholes. Sometimes potholes can be unavoidable. However, drivers need to be aware that tyres can be damaged or cracked by going over potholes, even small ones. This can lead to more serious issues like bulging and deflation.

    Potholes can cause significant damage to car tires. Drivers should be aware of the signs. Bulging in tyres and suspension failure are all signs that your car has been affected by potholes. If a driver suspects that their car or tyres have been damaged after driving down a bumpy road either over humps, cushions or dents, it is essential that they visit a tyre repair or replacement specialist. In order to make sure that your tyres are safe for the road, you should have them repaired or replaced quickly. asphalt pothole repair