Doctor Strange's most powerful equipment--Magic Floating Cloak

  • Doctor Strange's most awesome equipment - the magic floating cloak, this equipment is simply a heaven-defying existence, yes, this is the cloak worn by Doctor Strange doctor strange cosplay. In the movie "Doctor Strange", this cloak seems to be used to sell cute. , No matter how powerful it is, it is used to play bundling, but you must not underestimate this equipment. Although it only shows part of its abilities in the movie, it is actually more useful.


    First of all, the full name of this cloak is called the Magic Floating Cloak. You can tell from the name that this cloak has good combat effectiveness. First, it is the flying function. As long as you put on the cloak, you can bring your own flying skills, and the flying speed is not low. If Doctor Strange is in a hurry to fly from the New York Temple to Hong Kong, it is estimated that it will only take a few minutes, so this is the reason why Doctor Strange travels from New York to Hong Kong so quickly in the movie.


    Not only that, but the cloak's attack power is not bad. It can easily knock people over, but you can't if you want to attack them, because the cloak also has its own defense ability and can resist the attacks of most weapons. This is not the end. , This cloak can also grow infinitely larger, as long as you want, people can grow as big, so if Doctor Strange can exert its ability.





    What does Doctor Strange's cloak do?

    Doctor Strange can greatly increase the magician's skill 

    Doctor Strange's ability to levitate a cloak