Winter oily skin care


    Oily skin skin care 1: Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, and eat less greasy food

    MM with oily muscles should try not to eat fried foods, drink stimulating beverages and eat high-calorie sweets. They should eat more fresh vegetables and fruits so that their skin will be healthier. Or drinking detox and beauty tea is also good for skin care.

    Oily skin care 2: No cleansing cream to clean the facial skin

    MM with oily skin is not recommended to use cleansing cream to clean the facial skin, it is best to use cleansing milk to cleanse. At the same time, be sure to wash cleansing products on your face, because it can cause damage to the skin. When choosing a facial cleanser, it is best not to use a facial cleanser that contains "sodium cinnamyl sulfate", because this ingredient will make the skin too dry and not good for the skin.

    Oily skin skin care 3: Use moisturizing lotion

    After cleaning the facial skin, you must add moisture to the skin in time, and it is best to use a lotion that can moisturize and moisturize, and try not to use too irritating shrinking water. In the summer, oily muscles can use some alcohol-containing contraction water, which can control oil, but it is not recommended to use it in winter.

    Oily skin skin care 4: apply a refreshing lotion

    Many women with oily skin think that they don't need to apply lotion. In fact, if you don't apply lotion, the pores will easily absorb dust, and the skin will be dry in winter. But the oily skin eyebrows are not suitable for oily lotions, and you should choose a refreshing lotion, which will not only not be oily, but also moisturize and make your skin delicate and smooth.

    (3) How to take care of normal and mixed skin

    1. Need to clean the skin 2~3 times a day. Choose a cleanser that suits your skin type, and pay special attention to the T-zone when cleaning. After cleaning, you can add a lot of water and a small amount of oil with a lotion.

    2. In order to better keep the skin fresh and shiny, use a moisturizing mask once a week.

    3. Drink plenty of water, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and eat less fishy and spicy foods.

    4. Summer makeup should be refreshing and plain. When there is a lot of oil, you can use powder to absorb it. Make-up must be removed thoroughly before going to bed to facilitate skin absorption.

    5. To prevent the sun from damaging the skin, apply sunscreen and wear a sun hat when going out.

    6. Dry air will quickly lose moisture in the skin. Therefore, people who live and work in air-conditioned environments for a long time must use moisturizing products.