Home cleaning recommendations, h...

  • Life is inseparable from house cleaning; from time to time, home men and women will master certain abilities and insights; today, I'd like to offer some home cleaning suggestions, which I hope will be useful to you.

    1. washing the kitchen tiles

    General house cleaning, home kitchen colors are typically light colors, in order to seem clean and tidy cordless vacuum cleaner supplier, but friends who like to cook know that the kitchen tiles on the grease but called a headache, particularly the tile joints, not to mention the amount of labor is not simple to clean. We may apply the appropriate quantity of toothpaste to the brush and then brush the tile joints directly. The quantity of toothpaste used may be determined by the current state of tile maintenance seams oil. Because the orientation of the tile joints is longitudinal, brushing should also be longitudinal in order to remove the oil.

    2, cleaning stainless steel countertops

    Stainless steel material is normally woolen surface, clean up to wipe with the grain, such as encountering tiny area scratches, such as car maintenance, you may put some cooking oil on the scratch, wait for a few seconds, and then wipe off with the grain.

    3, daily cleaning of range hoods

    Cooker hoods play an important role in the daily cleaning of the family kitchen, but their cleaning is also the most difficult for housewives. First, the oil processing is a headache, followed by the hood itself due to material issues; if you scrub with wire balls and other appliances, you will scratch the surface of the hood more than it is worth. We may eliminate stains by dipping the flesh of the loofah in a tiny quantity of salt and letting it decompose chemically on grease. Alternatively, squeeze some lemon juice into a regular stain remover solution, the use of citric acid composition, the same may be decomposed grease, and environmental health.

    4Wash the floor using the rapid dry procedure.

    Because the heat rises quickly, the ground also dries faster, want to be faster plus the fan shaking head blowing for a while can be, it is recommended to wash the floor, with warm water as the last purification water, because the heat rises quickly, the ground also dries faster, want to be faster plus the fan shaking head blowing for a while can be.

    5Clean the couch and carpet.

    Most individuals will be depressed when they notice the filthy couch and carpet. The prudent move is to sprinkle soda, then wait 10-20 minutes before vacuuming. This not only removes dust but also aids in the drying of microorganisms.

    6Deodorization procedure for toilets

    The toilet is a location that is used every day, and it is not only simple to become unclean and stinky. Using dry lemon slices or soaking dry tea in the toilet will immediately erase the stench. Another method is to use a cup with some soda powder and a few drops of essential oil, soda powder has a deodorizing function, essential oil and emit natural aroma, you can choose like tea tree, eucalyptus, peppermint and other essential oils with antibacterial effect, so that the toilet at home immediately smells fresh.