Accident insurance is cheap but ...


    Accident insurance is cheap, two or three hundred dollars treatment in certaina year can buy millions of protection, like common accidents such as意外保險, falling objects smashed, accidental fractures, burns, falls, cat and dog bites and so on, can get some protection.

    However, accident insurance is not easy to buy, there are more details to pay attention to, and different groups of people do not have the same focus on the configuration.

    So, what is the role of accident insurance? What do you need to pay attention to when you buy it?

    1, the role of accident insurance

    ① Reimbursement-type compensation

    Accidents lead to injuries to students, in the follow-up process of medical treatment incurred in the cost of medical services, you can take the invoice to find insurance companies financial reimbursement. But not all of our accident insurance has accidental medical technology protection, can reimburse the medical management costs caused by the accident, depending on whether there 危疾保險 medical system protection, if there is coverage, you can be reimbursed according to the provisions.

    ②Payment-based compensation

    ①If the accident causes disability, compensation is given according to the degree of disability.

    2 Accidents resulting in death, a lump sum to death insurance, such as death insurance is 500,000, the insurance company will pay 500,000.

    2. What do I need to pay attention to in order to configure accident insurance?

    ① As far as possible you can avoid the return type of long-term accident insurance, the nature of this type of social insurance development is: we pay a lot more premiums, and then through the insurance company limited to take the investment, a large part of which will be returned to us after decades, and the economic return is not high.

    ② to go for which affects the hospital patients can claim for medical treatment, which hospital claims. Generally speaking, companies can claim as long as the medical treatment in the state secondary and above analysis of public hospitals. Some accident insurance will exclude some other hospitals in different areas, which means that medical treatment in certain Chinese hospitals in the region is not covered ~

    Be aware of special agreements. Some accident insurance will pay claims for death, drowning, and other accidents, which will be directly reduced or not paid.

    ④ Try to choose accident insurance with accidental medical insurance, especially pay attention to the deductible, drugs used outside of social security, payout ratio, etc. in accident insurance products.

    3、How to buy accident insurance for different social groups?

    ①Children's accident insurance.

    Accidental death insurance should not be too high.

    In order to prevent moral hazard, the Insurance Commission has limited the amount of insurance for the death of a minor ーー

    the death insurance amount is not more than 200,000 for the insured person under the age of 10.

    the insured is between 10 and 18 years of age, the death coverage shall not use more than 500,000.

    The social insurance company will not be liable for the excess of the limit.

    ②Adult accident insurance

    The family's breadwinner and burden of responsibility is heavier, and if an accidental death or disability results, then the impact on the family will be greater. Therefore, the accident risk for adults is recommended to buy some high insurance amount, and it is suggested that it is better to buy 5-10 times of annual income.

    ③ Accident insurance for the elderly.

    The elderly do not have much financial responsibility, and the coverage amount for accidental death does not have to be too high.

    But for the old people are old, easy to fall and fracture, so we should focus on the study of the student accident medical technology aspects of the protection.

    Between the ages of 50 and 60, you can buy regular comprehensive accident insurance for the elderly, and the price is the same as for young people.

    Over 60, seniors are prone to fractures and will only be able to buy senior-specific accident insurance, which is slightly more expensive and will have a lower coverage amount, but will have additional fracture protection.

    Write at the end

    As the saying goes, we never know which comes first, tomorrow or the accident.

    Accident insurance is a worthwhile insurance for us to have. In addition, the million medical insurance, critical illness insurance to protect the disease, the death of the term to carry out life insurance, should also be based on the development of their own business can do a good job of resource allocation ~