Are you still worried about losing weight? To you who want to l

  • With the progress of society and the development of communication, everyone has a comprehensive popularization and understanding of weight loss and fitness. However, more and more people have joined the ranks of weight loss and fitness. It is said that losing weight first reduces fat. In the past, it was generally believed that losing weight is to eat less and exercise more, but now many examples have proved that losing weight must first reduce fat, that is, eat more high-quality protein and exercise. In this way, what is lost is fat, not all water. Of course, persistence is also an indispensable part.

    Water is your best friend. This best friend has many benefits. It will promote your metabolism by 24% - 30%, which will make you burn more calories. There is a trick. Drinking 17 ounces of water 30 minutes before meals will consume 44% more calories than those who don't. by the way, water not only moisturizes the skin, It can also reduce the oil concentration on your skin and help remove acne. I want to challenge you to replace all your drinks with water or tea. Soda drinks contain some excess calories, resulting in your weight gain. If you drink an average of 150 calories a day, and giving up soda can reduce your intake of 1050 calories a week, You'll lose 15 pounds a year.

    Drink more green tea and lemonade. Drinking green tea before exercise will speed up metabolism, burn more fat and enhance the effect of exercise. Lemonade is rich in pectin fiber and can resist hunger. Will you have a strong desire for dessert after dinner? Have a piece of sugar free gum. It will reduce your desire for sweets and snacks, reduce your hunger between meals, and refuse late night snacks. Research shows that when you eat late night snacks, your body is more likely to convert calories into fat for storage.

    3. If you eat more protein, it will reduce your desire to eat late at night and the idea of excessive dieting by 60%, and make you feel full, which will naturally reduce 441 calories of food every day.

    4. Distraction can help you control your appetite. When I have a big appetite, I will watch video TV or read books and magazines, anything that can distract me.

    Avoid the word "diet", and regard healthy diet as the source error. Make healthy diet a permanent lifestyle, and you will find yourself happier and more energetic.

    Recalling the junk food you have eaten, you will realize how unhealthy they are, change your habits and change your lifestyle. It's never too late. Life is under your control. Do you choose to eat healthy food that makes you comfortable at and after dinner, or just food that satisfies your appetite but causes physical discomfort after eating? Don't go on a diet. Just eat healthily.