A few myths about oral care for ...

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    These days, people are very concerned about their health, including their oral health, but whether they really understand it is兒童牙膏. Oral health awareness has increased, but there is still a lot of work to be done on how to keep your mouth healthy. As parents it is important to pay attention to your child's oral care and not make mistakes, so let us know the mistakes that often tend to get into your child's oral care.

    What are the mistakes of children's oral care?

    1, the milk teeth some problems put regardless of the student can

    All know that children grow early milk teeth will fall sooner or later, so many people think that the problem of milk teeth is not necessary to solve, after the fall can be once and for all, in fact, this idea is very incorrect. The development of children's milk teeth is directly related to the development of jaw bone, nutritional intake and the future development of permanent teeth. When the child's milk teeth have caries, it will constantly cause the child's toothache and even lead to high fever. If it is not treated for a long time, the child will chew the teeth and make the facial development asymmetrical, which also has a great impact on the development of permanent teeth, and even leads to the permanent teeth cannot erupt smoothly. So milk teeth caries and so on should also be treated in time, which must draw attention to.

    2. Large gap is bad teeth

    When the baby teeth are developing, many parents will find that the child's teeth will be big, especially the incisors. For the problem of large gaps, some parents will be more worried, afraid that the child's milk teeth are not well developed, and later permanent teeth have such a large gap is very bad. Parents do not need to worry, the gap in the development of milk teeth is a normal physiological gap, not incomplete tooth development. After all, the milk teeth are smaller than the permanent teeth, so the milk teeth provide a certain space for the permanent teeth to erupt, and it is normal and necessary to set aside a certain physiological gap. Parents may wish to continue to observe.

    3, children's toothpaste with advertising

    Nowadays, the development of our children's things always need to do a very important fine, and different kinds are very wide, so parents in the selection of the time will be easy to pick, some students parents can in order to achieve savings, always follow the Chinese advertising, advertising aspects do a big product must be good. This design idea actually has certain limitations, advertising companies do not necessarily good products, or because even good products are not necessarily suitable for companies own family children. Like children's toothpaste parents to select the work up is very difficult, too many children's toothpaste, especially fluoride toothpaste is a particularly hot. Although fluoride toothpaste can effectively prevent tooth decay, but he does not apply to children before the age of three, will have a certain corrosive to learn their dental problems, at least until the age of six before allowing the use of fluoride toothpaste, which is more scientific and reasonable.

    Oral care for children is more likely to enter the wrong area, sometimes due to parental neglect and more often than not, fear of confusion. Parents must learn about children's oral health in a systematic way to avoid misunderstandings.