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    Why did I choose to study in Hong Kong in the first place? Usually it is for the following three reasons.

    One is that it takes less time: it takes a year to prepare for the mainland exams, and I personally don't like the written exams, which I have to memorize by rote. In contrast, overseas graduate schools only need to prepare for the IELTS or TOEFL exams, which is relatively less time-consuming and has more options, and pay more attention to the overall development of students in addition to their personal achievements and academic results during their undergraduate years.

    Another is the teaching resources and environment: Hong Kong and Macau, like foreign countries, have advanced resources and an international environment, and home is close while also having access to advanced teaching resources and convenience. The third is social perspective: studying abroad allows me to expand my horizons, learn about people of different ages, and exercise myself in an unfamiliar environment.

    During the whole application period, the teachers at KIA were always very enthusiastic and provided me with good services, from the planning of IELTS examinations in the early stage, school selection, application and documents in the middle stage to renting an apartment and guidance before studying in the university. The Hong Kong University of Education is not a comprehensive institution, does not cover an area and the number of students is not as much as the other 7 major schools in Hong Kong, but the education industry is the strongest, Asia is the third, the world ranked 16th, although the University was founded in the mountains, but the transportatioinvestment visa hong kong campus environment and equipment are very good, I like the library most, the collection is rich, but also can use the student ID to read a variety of literature of interest, personal study rooms and There are also many individual study rooms and group discussion areas.

    My major is Child and Parenting Education, and I have a total of 7 courses that I can choose to do either an internship or a thesis in the final semester. Our major is divided into one-year fulltimestudents, one-year or two-year parttimestudents, and most of the PTS are local people who have jobs. All courses are taught in English and there is no textbook. The professors prepare their own PPTs, and the classes consist of lectures and group discussions. Each course has group work and individual work. The individual work is basically a small paper. Some courses have exams, and whether or not they are given depends on the teacher's requirements.

    I have gained a lot since I joined the school in the fall of 2021. I have learned a lot from my studies, as long as I listen carefully to the lectures in a class, I will gain a lot. I made a lot of good friends, and I learned a lot of knowledge and skills that I couldn't learn from studying with my friends, especially my friends who are good at their own age have richer experience. In addition, both computer operation skills and survival skills have been improved. During my study in Hong Kong, the teachers of Jiayao International also asked me about my situation from time to time, and after I had the idea to consider studying for a PhD, they also patiently answered my new questions, which was very personalized and warm.

    Many parents and students are worried about the epidemic situation in Hong Kong, I have been in Hong Kong from last year to today and still have a better opinion. Hong Kong implements dynamic clearance and does not close the city considering the local situation. People here are very active in wearing masks (not wearing a mask in Hong Kong is illegal and punishable), many people were infected before because they were not vaccinated, but now the number of people who are vaccinated continues to rise, and the government requires everyone to be vaccinated, so if you are not vaccinated there is no way to enter or leave public places, including shopping malls, colleges, shopping malls, etc. The epidemic in Hong Kong is divided into regions, but the University belongs to the Tai Po District in the New Territories, compared to other regions the epidemic is not serious, as long as the pre-vaccination, reduce the out of doors, staggered travel, good personal protection, disinfection at all times, there is no need to worry. But also because of the epidemic, is now online classes, if the epidemic is under control, perhaps the school will carry out a dual-track teaching system.

    Lastly, I would like to give some advice to the students.

    In terms of living, Hong Kong is expensive, the average price of dining out is 50-70 HKD, if it is a better restaurant, the average is several hundred. If you rent your own room, it is proposed that it is best to learn to cook before you come, cost-effective, and may do better than the outside.

    Social aspects: more and classmates touch, friendship will gain a lot, if you can Cantonese is better, in Hong Kong Cantonese is the first language, if you can not speak it does not matter, speak Mandarin and English they can quite understand.

    Learning aspect: must have a sense of teamwork, group work everyone must contribute, basic computer software operation to be able to, especially PPT.

    Ultimately, I hope that you can find the most suitable country, direction and road for your study, and welcome students who are interested in education to come to our school to study, thank you!