Does drinking sake make you fat?...

  • do not eat more with some

    There are many types of sake in Japan, including regular sake, plain rice wine, and 婚禮午宴ke. , but the calories are slightly different, but they are all around 110 kcal. When we drink sake, we often count a combination of 180ml, with calories around 185kcal. Please remember!

    People who say that drinking sake is easy to get fat have a common feature of their own business, that is, 日本清酒t too much. In fact, sake has the effect of stimulating students' appetite, and friends who have had experience in drinking sake should be able to know that sake is generally provided with meals, and drinking sake while eating food will feel that Chinese dishes are carried out more healthy and delicious, and unconsciously eat a lot, resulting in the intake of information too much fat, sugar and lead to fat. This can be said to be typical of how easy it is to gain weight by drinking sake. In fact, it is this development and a little attention to analysis so that you can effectively avoid it!

    The following is how to drink Japanese red wine will not gain 3 points!

    Try to choose low-calorie food as a side dish

    Drinking sake has the role of promoting the appetite of young children, wine in the cup will be in their own unaware that they do not eat more with some, which requires us teachers can carry out the choice through some low-calorie and delicious food, such as high protein as well as low-fat sashimi, tofu dishes, vegetable salad, mao beans, some stews, etc. is a good choice Oh! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

    Don't drink on an empty stomach!

    Before drinking we try to eat a little something by ourselves first! Drinking on an empty stomach can be carried out if the alcohol will be absorbed at once. Drunken judgment becomes dull to become the reason for eating more.

    Let's drink hot sake rather than cold.

    Sake can be cold or hot, and it is recommended for those who want to lose weight and keep in shape. Because the body becomes cold, the metabolism decreases and fat accumulates, making it easy to gain weight. In order not to gain weight, it is better to drink cold sake than hot sake. Japanese sake is different from beer and whiskey, which can be said to be one of the main characteristics of sake.

    Having said that, does everyone know the truth about sake calories? If you really want to lose weight, you need to eat a balanced diet, exercise, and stay in a good mood! Sake is good, but don't drink too much of it!