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    We do not want to get sick because it is harmful to our health and causes us pain. In order to reduce sickness, Amway黑幕mprove our immune system.

    Immunity is our body's own defense mechanism. This mechanism is triggered when the body is invaded byAmway空氣清新機, especially viruses and bacteria, to kill them and protect the body from harm.

    However, the goodness of immunity has a lot to do with our physical activity itself. When the body is in bad condition, such as weakness and insufficient knowledge of nutrition, then the immunity will be poorer. It is also possible that the immunity is good or bad as mainly related to the cells of the immune system that we carry through our body, and the raw materials that the cells can form are the substances in our own body.

    So to say, for immunity to be good, a reasonable supplement is necessary. Because the nutritional supplement is good, 營養補充品推薦 has enough energy and the body's metabolism has enough raw materials, so the body will be good and the immunity will be strong.

    Although people generally eat better nowadays, this does not mean that there will be a reasonable nutritional supplement. In reality, there are many people who eat fat, high blood pressure, diabetes, high blood fat, etc. This is the result of not taking proper nutrition.

    So, how should we supplement in peacetime?

    The dietary guidelines teach you

    Guide 1: Supplementation to provide quality products protein

    Protein can be said to be an important component of the body's cells and tissues, the viability of cells, then the intake of high-quality protein is very necessary.

    In general, healthy adults should consume more than 70 grams of protein per day, of which high-quality protein such as lean meat, fish, eggs, milk, etc. should account for 30-50% of the protein supply .

    How to get good quality protein every day? It is recommended to eat one egg per day and drink more than 300ml of milk per day. In terms of eating meat, animals should not eat more lean meat. It is recommended to eat fish, because fish is rich in protein, less fat, not easy to gain weight and bring cardiovascular disease.