On the importance of drinking go...

  • 饮用水

    Among the top 10 ways to live a long and healthy life in the United States, the first one is "drinking water"! In the increasingly serious water pollution, drinking good water has become a major problem. As a promoter of healthy drinking water, water righteousness has been Amway傳銷 a green and healthy quality of drinking water life for consumers.

    First, the importance of water to the body, healthy life from a glass of water

    Water, is one of the key ecological resources on which all life depends. In recent years, with the rapid development of cities, industrial and agricultural production activities and the rapid development of urbanization, the formation of a great impact on the limited water sources. Increasing water pollution poses a major threat to the safety of human survival, turning into a major obstacle to human health and sustainable socio-economic development. How critical is water to everyone? 2/3 of the human body cells are composed of water, and people must consume 2-3 liters of water every day to maintain basic life activities. Only with sufficient water, the circulation can be smooth, the body can effectively absorb nutrients from food, while removing harmful substances from the body.

    Second, the quality of the water environment is worrying, daily drinking water needs to be careful

    "Data show that the quality of the national water environment is worrying, in the country's 198 urban surface water sampling and testing, the results are poor, very poor test points accounted for 57.3%, especially in developed areas of the estuary water quality is worse, which shows amway濾水器 quality problems have become our health risks.

    Third, the World Health Organization has proposed six norms of good water

    1, clean water - free of germs, impurities, organic matter and heavy metals and other water.

    2, nutritious water - containing a moderate proportion of minerals and trace elements, and the presence of ionic state.

    3, weak alkaline water - PH value of 7.2-8.5.

    4, small molecular group water - magnetic resonance half width 50-100HZ, Artistry評價 permeability, good solubility.

    5、Negative potential, can remove excess free radicals in the body.

    6、Water containing molten hydrogen - contains the right amount of hydrogen (the amount of hydrogen retained in the water is more than 1.6PPM).