Need an ear temperature gun? Don...

  • time to time can be DIY

    Darling's parents were most concerned when she had a fever. Darling's temperature needs to be measured first, 體溫計比較 thing to do for a sick baby, and parents are advised to use an ear warmer that can be measured quickly. So, is it necessary to buy an ear warmer?

    Advantages of ear warmer temperature measurement.

    1. Fast:It only takes a second or even less to take an accurate temperature from the ear. When your baby has a persistent fever, you can measure it at any time and quickly understand the temperature change.

    2. Mild: Use a comfortable, mild enough that the baby company does not carry any kind of uncomfortable feeling, and even measure when sleeping without waking the baby for fear.

    3. Accuracy: detect the infrared heat emitted by the tympanic membrane and surrounding tissues, quickly calculate the accurate body耳溫槍推薦 built-in microcomputer chip, and display to one decimal point. Solve the traditional thermometer scale difficult to identify the problem. The new one-second thermometer can scan the body temperature eight times in one second and display the highest temperature reading, further ensuring accurate measurement.

    4. Easy to use: To use, gently straighten the ear canal, insert the thermometer head into the ear canal, press the top temperature measurement for one second, and then read the exact body temperature to one decimal place from the LCD screen.

    Babies will keep wriggling when they have a fever because they are uncomfortable, and it is difficult to measure accurately if they do not cooperate with the mercury thermometer used by the mother. In addition, there is a risk of the mercury thermometer breaking. Therefore, it is necessary to use an ear thermometer.

    So as a no formal ear thermometer the price level is about how much?

    A very good and cost-effective ear thermometer is about 200 yuan. It is recommended that we can choose an ear temperature gun 發燒處理, frontal ear dual-use, regular some brand, the national machinery note is good, quality assurance.

    Below 100 yuan is not an ear thermometer. It is only an electronic thermometer, low precision, long measurement time. The measurement method is traditional and simple.

    It is really unnecessary to speak higher than 300 yuan, the hospital will use a slightly more expensive medical products, like our home type there is no need to buy so expensive ear temperature gun.

    Does the ear temperature gun need maintenance?

    Ear thermometer is the development of health care services products, of course, we want from time to time can be DIY maintenance, you can use a soft cloth wipe or other plastic case special cleaning agent, can not avoid the use of benzene solvent through chemical experimental drugs. Ear temperature gun probe lens is the most sensitive parts of the ear thermometer, the use of time before and after students can use cotton swabs or dipped in alcohol data to wipe clean and disinfect.

    When the ear thermometer is not in use, put it in a box. Do not expose it to sunlight. Keep it in a cool place.

    Be careful! The ear temperature gun is not waterproof, so the ear temperature should not be immersed in water or placed in other liquids to avoid damage! If you want to measure the temperature of the liquid, you can measure the temperature of the liquid on the outside of the container with the gun pointed at the tip. As long as the usual attention to cleaning, maintenance is not much.