Toilets are several hundred yuan cheaper and several thousand y

  • Types and styles

    If the toilets are not divided into different types, they can be divided 座廁選擇 into two categories: one-piece toilets and split-type toilets. According to their own installation and work methods, appearance design and intelligent management, the toilets are divided into traditional Chinese one-piece toilets, toilets without water tanks (smart as toilets), hidden water tank toilets (wall-mounted toilets), and traditional split toilets. .

    The price of the toilet is often related to the toilet. Traditional floor-standing toilets are cheap, only a few hundred yuan, while the high price is only one or two thousand yuan. The cost of a smart toilet is at least between 1,000 yuan and 2,000 yuan, while the cost of a high-end toilet is 8,000 yuan. The general price is between 2,000 yuan and 5,000 yuan, including installation costs, which can cost tens of thousands of yuan.

    You know, compared with traditional Chinese toilets, smart toilets have added many additional service functions, such as flushing, automatic flushing, heating, drying, and odor cleaning. The analysis of these system functions can greatly improve our students' user experience. , And for the toilet to realize social intelligence, more components must be added to the internal management, the cost and cost will be higher, and it will naturally sell more expensive.

    Compared with the split toilet, the one-piece toilet is more beautiful. Compared 旋渦式坐廁 with wall-mounted toilets, wall-mounted toilets are more beautiful. The shape of the bathroom is v-shaped, o-shaped and square. It is more design than the traditional U-shaped design. In other words, the bathroom with different prices will have certain differences in appearance style, type, design, etc. The design is more beautiful, the type is more advanced, the size is more special, and the bathroom is more expensive.


    Various types and styles of ceramic toilets are made by pouring a clay mixture into an embryo, then glazing and firing at a high temperature to form a complete toilet.

    Different brands have different toilet production formulas, different processes, different glazing technology research, and the quality management of the water fittings or seat/cover plates used are also very different. The comprehensive ability shows that the toilet has quality problems. The difference, the price is also ours.

    The quality of the bathroom is good (the price is not expensive), mainly depends on three aspects:

    1. Design of ceramics, glazed surfaces, and water outlets

    High-quality bathroom, with high firing temperature, not easy to break, hard enough, low water absorption; glazing process, smooth and shiny glaze, not easy to yellow, wide glazing range (there is glaze in the pipe), not easy to hang Dirty and easy to clean; The design of the water outlet is more reasonable, and the inner wall of the bathroom can be cleaned in all directions.

    2. Seat ring/cover plate

    For a good quality toilet, the material of the seat/cover can be better, the shape is unique, and it is more durable. For example, the seat ring/cover is thick, the material is high-quality PP material, urea-formaldehyde material, it is not prone to yellowing, cracking 座廁選擇 and aging, and it is more Chinese antibacterial; for example, there is a certain degree between the seat ring/cover The arc and artistic design are more in line with my country's human body and engineering, and our sitting feeling is more comfortable; another example is that companies say that when opening and closing, there is slow reduction and shock absorption, and the noise generated is small, and our user experience can be better.

    3. Water parts

    The water part bears the toilet flushing work, the water part is of good quality, has a long service life, the water is used more smoothly, and the toilet flushing is more thorough. A good bathroom always uses a big brand, good quality water block, and its price will naturally be more expensive than a bathroom with poor quality water block.


    Every time you can mention the purchase of a toilet, people are most concerned about the quality of some toilets, but also the working methods and parameters of the flushing. The reason is very simple. The flushing control method and parameters of the toilet often directly affect the performance of the toilet, such as whether we flush it cleanly, whether it is prone to clogging, whether it is deodorant, and whether it saves water.

    There are many types of flushing methods for household smart toilets, but there are two main categories: direct flushing and siphoning (jet siphon, vortex siphon).

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