What are the wrong ways to wash your face in life?

  • 1. Rub the skin vigorously

    Rubbing the skin vigorously will not make it cleaner, but will strain the skin. Kaijun said, choose foam cleansing products, use bubbles to wash away dirt, rather than hand washing.

    2. Wash your face with facial cleanser even in the morning

    Unless it is extremely oily skin, in the morning, you only need to wash your face with clean water, or use a simple moisturizing spray or toner to wipe clean with a cotton pad. Excessive cleaning will wash off the natural oils that protect the skin. When the skin feels When it dries, it will secrete more oil, causing the problem of more oil when washed.

    3. Wash your face with hot water

    Kaijun shared that people often say that washing your face with warm water actually refers to washing your face with warm water that is close to the skin temperature, about 37~38 degrees. The higher the water temperature, the stronger the cleansing power, so people with sensitive and dry skin are not suitable for washing their face with hot water. Another concept is that the colder the water temperature, the more firming the skin will be, and the hotter it will be, the more soothing it is. Therefore, when your skin feels tired, you can use warm water to wash your face, and when you need to wake up, use cold water to cleanse your face.

    4. I feel that using facial soap must be relatively dry

    The quality of facial cleanser lies in its suitability for your skin. Cleansing products can be divided into partial alkali (dryer after washing) and neutral. Both can be made into various textures (soap, cream, milk, powder... etc.), so it is not necessarily dry for facial soap!

    5. Want to whiten and resist aging by washing your face

    A good can of facial cleanser, the cleansing power is still the most important, additional whitening, anti-aging and other maintenance ingredients are often to increase the sensual surface of the skin care products, through the fragrance to provide a sense of pleasure, relying on the facial cleanser to whiten and anti-aging The effect is minimal.