What kind of skill does it take ...

  • aromatic wine samples

    The evaluation of wine is both a skill and an art. It is said to be a skill, because our country and the rest of the world should 婚宴 and chemical identification and sensory identification to evaluate wines; it is said to be an art, because different wines have different colors, aromas, flavors, and body styles that give different sensations and enjoyment, so that people "know the taste and the drink". .

    As a qualified white wine sommelier, we need repeated training in accuracy, repeatability, reproducibility and precision (poor quality) in order to improve our ability to identify white wine.

    What does a sommelier do?

    Distinguish between various wine concentrations training, as in a round of wine 2-5 the correct sequence of wine concentration changes.

    2. Distinguish the accuracy of various different aromatic styles, and be able to accurately carry out descriptions and analysis 品酒師 of various white wine aromas and styles.

    Repeat in the same round, in the same round, in the same round, in two or more samples of the same wine, after evaluation, their flavor types, comments and scores should be the same.

    Reproducibility, inserting two similar wine samples in a round of wines, code numbered and evaluated. Accurate marking, writing comments and perfumes are required. In the same wine samples, their flavor evaluations and scores are the same.

    5. Poor quality. In the same round of aromatic wine samples, they should be tasted according to the different wine qualities, and the scores and comments should be accurate. Good wine quality scores high and comments are expressed well, poor wine quality scores low and comments are expressed poorly. Finally, the quality differences are explained according to the scores and comments.

    Wine taster refinement in addition to what I said is the above, there are many of our research content, such as flavor chemistry teaching theory, wine design, brewing technology process, blending knowledge management, etc., profound and profound, friends if students are interested, you can first practice these five moves, and then slowly develop their own learning comprehension, and eventually can become a wine tasting master.