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    With the economic development of China's process technology environment changes, today's CNC X Rapid CNC Machining tool process has been in the enterprise to continuously improve, today's our country has long been different from yesterday's us, the new era of the problem has put forward to us new challenges.

    What do we need to change to meet the challenge? What we need is our awareness of continuous improvement, our capabilities, our methods and our actions.

    But the cost of manufacturing machine iterations is known to be a very expensive one, and generally in this case, there are no problems between the same series of machines to appear quality general process span will not affect to carry out research machine iterations.

    So that we can avoid heavy and light methods to improve the productivity and efficiency of CNC machines, followed by a small together to learn!

    The importance of the product processing process

    The internal structure of the product is closely related to the cost of processing, the process used directly determines the cost of production, but also affects the productivity and production efficiency


    Analysis from the perspective of the product for design, if we can fundamentally reduce the manufacturing threshold of the production processing technology process, but also on this basis and then reduce the student certain processing trade costs, can shorten the CNC machine tool an information processing CT time and processing quality, processing efficiency improvement, can be CNC processing capacity to significantly improve.

    CNC machining in the tool life for management system control

    CNC system tool life management control is to calculate the number of times the tool is processed, or determine the processing time. Therefore, the CNC automatically stops when the tool life reaches the specified number of machining times or machining times expected by the system. If there is no manual supervision, or if the tool cannot be changed as expected, the CNC process suffers. Therefore, tool life is a key factor in CNC productivity.

    Especially when a CNC machining process is too much and the volume is tedious, the requirements for machining dimensional accuracy are relatively strict, and the tools used will be more. At this time, CNC tool magazine automatic tool change, and tool change action more frequently, and tool wear is greater, so that manual tool change, adjust more frequently.

    Therefore, tool wear is an important indicator that affects the normal production pace and productivity of CNC machine tools. Improving the process through technical measures and increasing the comprehensive life of the tool will not only save tool costs, but more importantly, reduce the downtime of the CNC spindle, thus improving CNC machining efficiency, product quality and productivity.

    CNC optimization of management procedures and process technical parameters

    In the process of determining the product processing process, we should fully consider the functions of CNC machine tools, shorten the processing route, reduce the number of tool walks and tool changes, and ensure the improvement of processing capacity.

    In order to shorten the CT time of parts processing, by selecting reasonable cutting parameters, making full use of the cutting performance of the tool and optimizing the cutting parameters of the CNC, the efficiency of product processing is finally improved and product quality is enhanced.

    CNC's machining process improvement

    When preparing the CNC machining process, we should not only focus on the feasibility of machining, but also on whether the process of machining process will negatively affect the machining efficiency. Arranging a reasonable processing sequence and reducing the number of tool changes is an effective way to shorten the CT time of CNC machining and improve productivity.

    Production site strict control

    Develop and strictly manage the implementation of corporate production operations SOP is an integral part of our CNC machining production development process, to reasonably design and regulate manual work behavior, reduce the negative impact of the company's employees emotional problems and the waste of unneeded time learning efficiency. The development of incentive policies to improve the motivation of the technician's work, so that you can achieve the purpose of improving production capacity and product information processing quality.

    Elimination of abnormal CNC machining problems

    Inspection work needs to be comprehensive, such as the use of electrical parts such as cylinders, solenoid valves, and motors in an oil environment to check the condition of point inspection equipment and fixtures. Pre-operational investigation of these parts can be effective in avoiding situations where CNC spindle production is forced to stop, thereby improving spindle utilization.

    Machine iterations are expensive, but there are other ways to accomplish them at a fraction of the cost in exchange for higher throughput.

    CNC machining company production of high quality managers should be given priority to the above six points we can carry out to effectively improve the technical performance and capacity of machine tool production.