Application of optical fiber grating temperature sensor in avia


    As people pay more and more attention to the aviation industry, the development of various aircraft has become more and more urgent. The development cycle is shorter and shorter than before, and the requirements for aircraft performance analysis indicators are getting higher and higher. As a new force on the battlefield in the future, the role of drones is becoming more and more important. Compared with traditional Chinese manned fighter aircraft, the future development research direction of UAV companies is bound to be a large overload and complex combat network environment. Therefore, its structure will inevitably be subjected to complex social loads during service, fiber cable,which results in economic structure. The complexity and diversity of damage and failure modes make it increasingly difficult to monitor tissue damage. This series of effects will inevitably lead to unmanned aerial vehicles being forced to conduct early comprehensive inspection or maintenance, affecting their service life and increasing maintenance costs.

    In order to improve the survivability and protection capabilities of the UAV structure, combining the unique advantages of fiber grating sensors, the fiber grating sensor is combined with real-time damage assessment methods for health monitoring, damage assessment and self-diagnosis of key components of the UAV structure. Important military application value.

    The United States is one of the first countries in the world to apply fiber Bragg gratings to military aircraft, and has made remarkable achievements in this regard. Germany deploys fiber optic sensors on the vertical stabilizer of F-18 fighter jets to achieve real-time monitoring; the United States deploys fiber grating sensing network in the X-33 liquid hydrogen fuel tank structure to reflect real-time information on the surface of the liquid hydrogen fuel tank structure and insulation layer structure ; Japan has deployed a distributed optical fiber sensor network in the rudder grid structure of a certain aircraft to realize the integration of damage monitoring and positioning based on the sensor network.

    At present, most of the fiber Bragg grating sensor technologies developed and produced in my country can mainly be used for civil use in China, such as electric power, civil engineering, petrochemical, steel and other industries. In military fields such as aerospace, where the test environment is special and the test accuracy and reliability are very high, some universities and scientific research institutions have also carried out relevant research work closely following the international research frontiers. Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Shenyang Aircraft Research Institute of China, and China Aircraft Strength Research Institute developed piezoelectric-optical integrated sensor components for a certain type of UAV wing, and successfully realized the first large-scale box-level test piece bending and torsion strength experiment in China.Microarray, Structural health monitoring; Harbin Institute of Technology and Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics developed optical fiber sensors for composite materials in a certain part of the fuselage to monitor the curing process of composite materials and identify damage to composite materials.

    At present, in view of the application requirements of UAV structural monitoring, the integration of high spatial resolution and high sensitivity UAV strain and vibration testing technology and real-time damage assessment technology, focusing on breakthroughs in fiber grating sensor production and sensitive packaging technology, grating signal demodulation , processing and anti-polarization fading technology, grating sensor array multiplexing and crosstalk suppression technology, damage evolution analysis technology, material parameter identification technology, damage analysis and finite element structure stress analysis interaction technology and other key technologies, mastering the multiphysics of UAV structure Integrated testing and health monitoring technologies provide an efficient and low-cost new method for full-machine health monitoring.

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