After nearly ten years of intensive labor management, how did G

  • In recent years, rising labor costs have promoted the rapid development of labor management companies. Gaia Factory, which has been deeply involved in labor management for nearly 10 years, has entered the market through labor analysis and served large and medium-sized enterprise customers around "reducing costs and increasing efficiency".workforce management system, After the acquisition of Yiqin, Gaia Factory covers more than 800 corporate customers and 3 million employees. In the next step, the Gaia workshop will set sail overseas.

    In the field of labor management services, gaia is one of the few companies that can handle large corporate clients.

    In 2008, the "Labor Contract Law" was promulgated, labor compliance requirements have become stricter, and the labor management (WFM) market ushered in development opportunities. At the end of 2009, Zhang Xinbo, who has become the regional head of an international labor management software company, chose to start his own business Together with his former colleagues, he founded Gaia Workshop.

    At the beginning of 2010, Gaia Factory entered through labor hours analysis service and successfully signed China's first major customer Alstom Rail Transit. In the early days, Gaia's products were mainly deployed locally. Although the project costs of new customers and the maintenance costs of old customers have brought small profits, in the long run, the local deployment model lacks data updates, which makes it difficult to improve the product's application capabilities in different scenarios, and the upper limit is low.

    Based on this, Gaia Factory abandoned the Op delivery model of "small wealth is safe" and switched to a SaaS model. After the transformation, the Gaia plant has won the favor of capital partners such as Jingwei China, Yuansheng Capital, and Warburg pincus. In addition, Gaia Factory has successively cooperated with large-scale solution manufacturers such as SAp and UFIDA, and launched enterprise cooperation version products to help each other in business.

    In May 2018, Gaia Factory acquired Yiqin, a time and attendance software manufacturer. Through this acquisition, Gaia Factory has further consolidated its leading position in the field of labor management, covering nearly 800 companies and 3 million front-line employees.

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