How to maintain the skin in winter 4 beauty common sense care e

  • In order to keep the aging face of women will be up to that time and money are invested in it. Maintenance is a woman's life to spend a lot of time to do things, but sometimes the effect is very little, possibly because you have gone into the maintenance misconceptions. Here is a small knowledge of beauty maintenance for women.

    1, the face full of beans, maintenance products or have to wipe hard well?

    Has burst out of the acne skin, basically the oil content has been quite high, their own decomposition of oil, at most pat on some make-up can be, if this time and then continue to wipe the complex maintenance steps, will only worsen the symptoms of acne, delay recovery time, therefore, the use of maintenance products, if the skin is in a healthy state, you can rub a face to the end, if the skin has appeared red and inflammation is about to become acne situation, it is necessary to avoid the range, the use of local is ideal.

    2, oral beauty solution or food therapy beauty, the effect is really amazing?

    A few days ago a beauty industry to launch oral beauty solution, stressed that as long as by eating can be water when, or eat barley to achieve whitening skin, indeed, by way of food therapy to make the skin quality better is indeed no problem, however, these foods after a number of hurdles, from eating, digestion, absorption, and finally into the skin cells, has already dispersed his nutrients, but rubbing maintenance products, is to let the skin cells completely and directly absorbed, without any circulation problems, therefore, by food to make the skin brighter, still must be complementary with maintenance!

    3, maintenance products must be avoided around the eyes?

    Most of the maintenance products, it is not difficult to find to avoid the eye area, however, the skin around the eye area is the most in need of nutrients nourishing a place, but deliberately avoid, people are confused, in fact, as long as the maintenance products are not too stimulating or such as masks with pulling power, it is not necessary to deliberately avoid, lotion, lotion and other moisturizing products, as always, can be applied to the eye area, pat.

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    Be wary of beauty care of 4 crooked reasoning

    Quackery 1: the higher the concentration of ingredients in the maintenance products, the more effective

    Correct understanding: high concentration is not necessarily effective, and may cause skin damage and side effects (such as acid, whitening ingredients, essential oils). The skin has a certain absorption capacity for the acceptance of ingredients, so too high a concentration for the anti-aging effect is also in vain. (Pharmacy research laboratory medical confirmation, and published in the world's most authoritative dermatology medical journal JID, 5% L-vitamin C, to stimulate collagen fiber synthesis can play the maximum effect, more than the effect of this concentration and 5% of the concentration of the same), it can also be known that the concentration and the effect is not necessarily proportional to increase.

    Quackery 2: Adhere to the whitening mask every day can reduce the light spots

    Correct understanding: In fact, whitening mask is not suitable for daily use, because it generally contains fruit acid ingredients that help keratin metabolism, and daily use makes the stratum corneum thinner, skin becomes easily sensitive and more prone to aging. Moreover, although whitening masks do have certain effect on lightening spots, they are not suitable for everyone. Because the causes of spots are different, and the internal factors are much bigger than the external factors. And whitening skin care products can only lighten the spots caused by ultraviolet rays, for other types of spots, especially with the skin aging and spots are not much improvement.

    The sophistry 3: want to let the sagging muscle to restore elasticity, apply the cream containing collagen can

    The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on this kind of things. Biologically speaking, only the epidermis of lower invertebrates is able to absorb such substances as protein.

    Want to restore elasticity to the sagging skin, to help the skin to do more massage, more movement of the skin can promote blood circulation, nutrients are naturally easy to transport to the skin, to provide power for the skin's own repair.

    Quackery 4: good absorption effect at night, no need to use anti-aging products during the day

    Correct understanding: many anti-aging products work better at night, but not all. Any anti-aging product that contains vitamin A, peptides, fruit acids and salicylic acid should be used at night as much as possible. That's because, when you are sleeping, the amount of blood on the surface of the popular skin increases, the skin's pH level decreases, and the skin's ability to protect itself decreases, and in such a state of love, these aforementioned anti-aging ingredients can be absorbed well. However, to achieve a good anti-aging effect, in addition to using these products at night, you must also cooperate with the help of SPF sunscreen and antioxidant maintenance products during the day, so as to consolidate the anti-aging maintenance at night and delay the aging of the skin.