Drinking whisky for so long, do ...

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    x1. What is the meaning of scotch?

    Some people want to spit that, scotch is not the whisky produced in Scotland? I can only answer that you answer the right, but only half right.

    Since, the whisky produced in Scotland is not necessarily called scotch, why?

    The earliest whisky began in Scotland, the British into the "water of life", Scotch whisky as the name implies is produced from Scotland's whisky, Scotland in the British Isles in the north, its location to promote the raw materials of whisky can grow in the excellent climate environment, and these environments and their local water source can make these raw materials the most The environment and its local water source make these ingredients the most clubone好唔好 whisky.

    Some people want to say again, and said that Scotch whisky is produced in Scotland, but also said that the whisky produced in Scotland is not necessarily called Scotch whisky?

    The truth is this, Scotland produces a lot of whisky every year, but the Scotch Whisky Association strictly requires that only whisky aged more than three years and produced in Scotland, can be called Scotch whisky. Other aged less than three years on the market, can not be called scotch. In fact, this move is to ensure the quality of Scotch whisky, and the international reputation of Scotch whisky.

    2. What is bourbon? What is bourbon?

    Bourbon whiskey in the "bourbon (BOURBON)" refers to a small town located in the United States of America in Kentucky, where the first application of bush rice as raw material to make whiskey in the United States. No one can be sure when the first bourbon was produced; some say it was 1777, and some say it was 179.

    The Scots and Irish once migrated to the east coast of America and made whiskey from wheat according to the traditional methods of their homeland. As time went on, the migration also continued to push inland to America. When they moved to what is today called Bourbon County, the settlers found it easier to grow some other grains here; first rye and later bole. From there, "bourbon", a whiskey made from bush rice, gradually emerged. Although the origin of today's bourbon has expanded to Maryland, more than half of the bourbon is still produced in Kentucky. Bourbon whiskey, 40-50% alcohol, must be made from at least 51% bourbon. In fact, most distillers use 60 or 80 percent bourbon as a raw material. The rest is made from rye and wheat. Because bourbon is contained in toasted oak barrels, it produces a unique rich aroma, and its taste is very different from that of Scotch whisky.

    3. Why do you need ice when drinking whisky?

    In fact, people in western Scotland, prefer to add lemon juice to whisky, which is why many cocktails made with whisky like to add lemon juice.

    So why do Chinese people like to drink whisky with ice? Where did this method come from?

    This method occurs more often in the Americas and other tropical climates, where people love to add ice, and since the weather there is hotter, they always add ice to their whisky. But this behavior is not suitable for malt whisky because it will change the aroma of the whisky. And the Chinese drink a lot of malt whisky.

    4. What kind of whisky is made from?

    In addition to the above-mentioned bush, we often see the symbol of single malt on the bottle of whisky.

    Whisky is made from rye and other grains in addition to bushmeat and威士忌 香港, and is perfected in oak casks after distillation. Whiskey is a colorless and transparent liquid before it is stored and perfected in oak barrels, but during the perfection period in oak barrels, the wood pigment and aroma of the barrel gradually seep into the spirit, thus producing the unique brown color and aroma of whiskey. The longer it is stored, the more aromatic and mellow the spirit will be. Generally speaking, the minimum storage period is 3-4 years, of which the perfection of more than 12 years is a premium product.