How does "mosquito flying" come ...

  • such as retinal laser

    Flying mosquito syndrome" refers to the patient when looking at things, the field of vision within the development 飛蚊症成因 dark shadows floating, and at the same time accompanied by a sense of flash, is a relatively analysis of a common eye disease. "Flying mosquitoes" patients to carry out the most complaints, that is, the problem in front of our eyes appear floating objects seriously affect the interference caused by their vision, see where there are "mosquitoes" feel really bad about themselves.

    "Flying mosquitoes" in terms of medical development is again as a slightly embarrassing situation. Many Chinese hospitals, many doctors, that "mosquitoes" do not need to be treated, or that the risk of surgical treatment techniques are not too great, resulting in "mosquitoes" patients in a long-term dilemma of seeking medical treatment. So, today so we to discuss the analysis of "mosquito flying" how to do.

    Where do floaters come from?

    Floaters is a visual symptom, is to look at things in front of the eye floating black shadows, with the rotation of the eye and back and forth, like floaters, its shape can be points, lines, nets, etc.. In the bright white background to see more obvious, and accompanied by flash.

    Flying mosquitoes are mostly caused by companies due to the development of artificial vitreous liquefaction and post-detachment. The vitreous body is born as a gel, with the growing age of the way gradually improve liquefaction, collapse of the collagen skeleton fragment in the liquefied vitreous for intracorporeal flutter that form flying mosquito phenomenon.

    Most of the patients are relatively sure of the position of mosquitoes, does not affect vision. This is a kind of "physiological mosquitoes", is a benign disease, can not be treated. If sudden occurrence of mosquito flying, it is limited to one eye, if the ink drops into the water, accompanied by flash, vision loss, visual field defects, etc., may cause retinopathy, need to take appropriate treatment according to the cause, such as retinal laser photocoagulation, vitrectomy and lens replacement.

    Can floaters cause blindness?

    Mosquitoes are mostly seen in middle-aged and elderly people and myopic people, especially those with high myopia. As age and myopia increase, the symptoms get progressively worse or less severe. It usually does not affect vision and does not cause blindness.

    Although miosis itself is not a direct cause of blindness, but miosis may be caused by a high degree of myopia and other related eye diseases. Pathological flying mosquitoes is mostly enterprise due to intraocular inflammation, vitreous clouding, glass with volume of blood, posterior uveitis, posterior vitreous detachment, vitreous liquefaction, retina can not detach, retinal fissure and other eye treatment diseases can be caused, can affect as well as the patient's vision.

    For highly myopic eyes, due to the higher risk of developing eye diseases, in addition to floaters, there may be other blinding eye diseases that require regular eye examinations and treatment to avoid delays.